Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Being Brave

OK....So there’s this article in the Spokesman Review Today section everyday by this guy named Paul Turner, and I’m totally weirdly obsessed with him. It’s called “The Slice” and it’s so random. He always just talks about the funniest things. And I always want to write to him, but I get kind of embarrassed and star-struck or something. Well today, I took the plunge.

I’m not sure if it’s because I'm disgustingly ill (as in sick, as in I have pink eye and green boogers), but when I went into the Library at my place of employment to read the paper, Paul Turner's question of the day was, “Have you ever seen a kid getting all excited in the grocery store because the date on the milk says Dec. 25?” And I TOTALLY got excited because I TOTALLY get excited when the milk says July 29…so I wrote Paul Turner an e-mail that said,

“Not only children…I’m 22 and when that damn milk carton reads July 29, I can’t help but get all giggly inside…is that weird? ……….July 29 is my birthday by the way”

then he also asked real tree or fake? So I said,

“Fake tree! My cat barfed up pine needles one year. She can’t chew the fake ones as easily.” (that would be dummy Chanel)

And I got all thrilled when I sent it…like GOOD EFFING JOB LACIE!!! You completed one of your life goals!!


Less than 3 minutes later, HE REPLIED! OMG HE REPLIED!!!! He said,

“Thanks. Your birthday is on a Wednesday next year.”

I practically shit my pants. I can’t believe he replied! Even more so, I can’t believe I’m so excited by an e-mail reply from a regular old Spokane man. But he really is amazing!!!! I hope he prints what I wrote in the paper tomorrow. We will have to see…. until next tim.

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