Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Parties

JJ's Annual Work Holiday Party was this last weekend. we walked into (JJ in his kerchief, and i in my cap) the Annual Work Holiday Party and shuffled over to hang our jackets up. then it was straight to the bar for a glass of red wine. 

the thing about Work Holiday Parties is they are either reaaaaaaaal awk and lame or reaaaaaaaaal crazy and fun (i.e. my dad's Work Holiday Party --last year i went as my dad's date and ended up in a trashy bar singing a duet to "Summer Lovin" from Grease with one of his employees) well JJ and i just kind of ended up standing in a corner at his Work Holiday Party. and you know when you get kind of nervous, you end up doing something stupid because your hands are sweaty and your heart rate is up. well i was standing right over a vent. and my high heel got stuck in on of the little holes and JJ had to stand in front of me while i yanked it out so no one would see. so i drank more wine. the thing about awk Work Holiday Parties is that they always start with weird unfinished conversations about the weather and either end the same way, OR turn into a decent Work Holiday Party with everybody chatting animatedly and laughing, patting each other on the back and acting like they've known each other for years. 

well thank goodness things turned up and by the end of the night, JJ's party turned into a decent Work Holiday Party and i was chatting with his coworkers, when his boss walked up to me and got real close and said right in my face, "IS THAT A REAL TATTOO?" i mumbled "yes" (its just a mini one on the inside of my wrist) and i guess he didn't believe me so he said, "WAIT, I'M GOING TO TEST IT OUT..." and he proceeded to.....I KID YOU NOT.....lick his index finger from base to tip and wipe it across my tattoo. it was so bizarre in that instant the party turned back into an awk Work Holiday Party. i didn't know what to say, so in a real quiet and shaky voice i just mumbled, ".....oh...yummy...." everyone just stared at me trying not to laugh. 

it was just an accident. i just didn't know what else to say. i mean, what would YOU say if a stranger licked their finger and rubbed it on your wrist at an awk Work Holiday Party?


  1. Just wanted to you know that holiday parties stay AWK unless there is really strong stuff there and then, after they no longer are awk, they get wild and just disintegrate into awk again. Ask your parents about "fish house punch"! Ever wonder about the hole in the wall of the house on 5th? People stop talking about the weather and say "I love you, man" or weak stuff like that. Holiday parties are best avoided, which is why I am in Hawaii for the holidays! Mele Kelikimaka makes a lot more sense than "is that a real tattoo?"

  2. first off what a creepy perv.

    and i hate HATE HATE WHEN weird stuff comes out of my (and your) mouth in awk situations. it only makes it more scary and you feel so dumb. (like when you call the credit card company "deer de da da DUMB)


    heres another flash back: (gonzaga gym) "grrr sweaty men"


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