Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Party Outfits

My good friend Crazylegs and i had this tradition in college where we would go all out dressing up for parties. 

Beer Pong Thursdays required matching team outfits; my favorite being a t-shirt with a gansta chain screen printed on it (Ludacris-style), shorts with jewels on them, gold hoop earrings and white patent leather boots (which are quite the gems...everyone should own a pair) (note: probably the most amazing part is that we actually already had these outlandish pieces on our own....without having to go out and buy them...except for said gansta tee)

Beer Pong Championships were white Wet Seal Tube Tops (yes, you know you have at least one in your closet dont deny it) with my face ironed on hers and her face ironed on mine. also, dirty (as in you haven't washed them in a week and they're all stretched to fit you just right) denim cutoff shorts (which have to be toooo short--like inappropriately short otherwise its not as good) and of course Vans. (Crazylegs now lives in NY. we were talking on the other phone the other day and i confessed: ".....ok i have to tell you....i am wearing You today....you know, You On The Wet Seal Tube Top." she laughed and laughed then said....."me too.") isnt it great to keep your friends close to your heart?

soooooooooo our favorites were clearly Theme Parties. (i.e. CEO's & Office Hoes, Black & White, Jersey Party, Cocktail, Ghetto Fabulous (obvi that one was Crazylegs' birthday) Tacky Christmas Sweater (we hated) You Can Only Wear White Party...anyway, you get the gist of it)...which brings me to The Night We Overdid It Just A Tad. one particular night, the theme was Pirates and Pinup Girls. this was the kind of Theme Party we lived for. we bopped about town and ventured through our closets until we found The Perfect Pinup Girl Outfits. (see picture) i actually remember saying to Crazylegs "well.....i hope we look 'pinup' enough" ----after arriving at the party 30 minutes (and fashionably) late......we looked around the room and realized.....WE WERE THE ONLY ONES WHO DRESSED UP. (mind you it was february....everyone else is wearing like long johns, jeans, sweatshirt, puffy vest, parka, stocking hat, mittens, face mask, earmuffs...well not really, but we felt completely naked. but were 100% the life of the party...)----walking home that night i said, "well, that was fun. at least we were good for a laugh." ...then i slipped on the february ice.........and broke my tailbone. we considered the night a success.

and of course we cant forget the time we went to a USA Party. Crazylegs bought a real American flag and wore it as a minidress. She was yelled at all night at the bar by old people.

Afterall, what's a Party without "those crazy blonde chicks" ???

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  1. that girl sounds awesome!

    o i.... i uh..........

    see you in febs!


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