Tuesday, January 13, 2009


ok so i was dying for this bag i saw online from TARGET of all places, and i went to buy it but they were SOLD OUT. i mean these things flew off the shelves. anyway, a few days later i went back to TARGET to see if they restocked. but they were out again. in EVERY TARGET in the state! so i gave up until i found some available on target.com and was going to buy it until i remembered that i don't have any money and i'm poor. so i asked JJ to buy it for me.

no he said.
what about for Valentine's Day?
no he said.
you're stupid. what are you going to get me for Valentine's Day then?
i said no he said.
but seroiusly. what ARE you going to get me?
shampoo he said. (WHAT AN IDIOT)
please please please pretty pretty pleaseeee??
no he said. i gotta say no to you L.
you act like i'm a 7 year-old begging for a gameboy.
you're a 22 year-old begging for a bag he said.
I HATE YOU. (hang up)

(3 minutes later)

"thank you for your purchase from target.com, your order will be shipped Jan. 14." (because sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...even if it means only having $16 to your name until friday. in college i would spend grocery money on clothes. that's the problem with being a slave to fashion my friends. but now i can't spend the grocery money on clothes because i have to feed JJ. because if i don't feed JJ, i would find him slicing open and cooking my cat.)

so i called him back.

i bought the bag for myself. thanks a lot.
bad purchase he said.
i'm happy for you he said.


  1. Good thing you bought the bag for yourself. I know from experience that if you ask a man for a specific present, he will go to the store, see something else that is entirely HIDEOUS and buy it instead, feeling very proud of his ingenuity. Many years ago when Papa and I were very young and very poor I was desperate for a particular outfit -- turquoise peddle-pushers and a darling matching shirt. My parents sent me some $ for my birthday, not quite enough to pay for the ensamble, so off Papa went to buy it, supplementing my parental gift with a few bucks of his own. Did he come back with what I wanted? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! He came back with an absolutely hideous bright orange print shiny stuff dress, bought on sale and NOT returnable! It would only have looked presentable on a minority, and never on the mayonaise gal that I was. I hated him for weeks, never, ever wore what he bought. In fact, can still feel resentment!


  2. hahahahahah i think Mimi should have a blog too!

  3. MIMI does have a blog! i'll forward it to you!

  4. im so glad we both will not eat for something cute to wear. bff


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