Sunday, January 4, 2009

decorating habits

it's unfortunately taken me a few days to get up off my depressed New Year's Eve Ass (no, i'm serious. someone pushed me down on NYE and i had trouble getting up). the night consisted of, but is by no means limited to: awk run-ins with previous hook-ups, lost debit/ID card (AGAIN with the ID card...what is this reoccuring thing with the ID card?), moments of unnecessary and sheer panic caused involving lost friends, sobbing and a policeman; a stolen peacoat (LJ), a lost wedding ring and guacamole (KITKAT), and a closed mountain pass that forced JJ and i to drive 9 hours home only to discver that we missed garbage day AGAIN (3rd week in a row), a stack of bills and a starved and thirst-ridden Chanel who literally screamed at me when i walked in the door. ultimately JJ and i vowed never to spend another NYE apart. we will stay where we belong: at home in our sweatpants drinking sparkling cider and in bed by 8 :-)

so forgive me for being occupied with other endeavors. i'm deeply sorry to have left you all hanging. and i'm having trouble concentrating because i am at work and one of the residents Margie May is playing "Home on the Range" on the piano. And you know you can't listen to a song like "Home on the Range" and not sing along.

ok finally she stopped. ANYWAY, i'm finding it difficult to symphathize with JJ on a particular issue. he thinks our house is "too girly and pink and flowery." even as i'm typing this, the words "girly and pink and flowery" make it sound like our house is cluttered with doilies and potpourri and porcelain dolls. and our house does NOT look like Margie May's apartment. we have one flowered couch and a FEW paintings and pictures of flowers. i may have a couple of framed black and white photos of Chanel (the cat not the designer), ballerinas, etc...but right in the living room hanging on the wall are two pictures of LA Dodger something or others. i allowed them because they are classy looking. but as the person who keeps the house looking prim and pristine, i feel as though it is my job to decorate as i please. and i have impeccable taste. i get it from my Mimi.

one day when we first moved in, i came home to find in a California Republic flag hanging in the hallway. i mean, it was cool and sexy and totally fine when it was hanging over his bed in college, but this is my HOME. i can't just have a California Republic flag hanging in my hallway. so i just stood there staring at it wondering how to broach the subject. but before i could even say a word he said, "i know. i just wanted to enjoy it for today." and i loved him for saying that.

so i felt bad and gave JJ the spare room to go nuts and gussy it up with his shit (and the closet because i selfishly stole the master one all for myself). in that spare room resides: a street sign that says "Dodgertown USA," 10 signed pictures of famous baseball players, a collection of hockey pucks, a Dodger folding chair sitting in the corner, various baseball caps clutternig the shabby chic desk, a Dodger fact-a-day calendar and an LA Kings Scarf pinned to the wall. but what does the bed look like you ask? on it lies my bedspread from college: a girly, pink AND flowery duvet.

afterall, a coupla flowers never killed a man.


  1. Awesome. I get to sleep in the conflicted room that looks like a boys college dorm with a flower duvet. That will bring back some good memories !

  2. Bahahaha. maybe you should incorporate blue flowers...I think JJ got a little jeal when he saw my curtains. He definitely appreciated their masculine flair more than my roomate.

  3. Thanks for the comp on "impeccable taste". Don't forget to make an amendment and say that it came down to you from me THROUGH YOUR MOTHER. Just be glad that JJ's memorabilia is of the sporting kind, rather than USMC like your Papa's. Do you know that in his office he has a sign on the wall that says "THE BASTARD" about an exercise area at Bangor that was named after him -- you'd think he would have more pride@

  4. Your Mimi has way too much shit in her house - even after she had a professioal decorator throw it out when he was in doubt. your mom had far too many cherubs in her earlier years. i feel for boop and jj


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