Saturday, January 31, 2009

little known things

about me.

1. I used to swallow stick on earrings when I was little so my poop would sparkle.
2. I talk before I think. Which gets me in trouble sometimes.
3. I think my cat understands me the best.
4. I'm terrified of driving in the city. I get all sweaty and hot and panicky.
5. I organize my closet by color because I like it to resemble a rainbow. And it really bothered me that there wasn't anything yellow in there so I bought 3 yellow shirts. And I don't even like yellow. I just wanted my closet to look pretty.
6. I have an uncanny ability to spend a ridiculous amount of money at Walgreens while I'm waiting for a prescription.
7. I can't have adult vitamins. They make me throw up.
8. I am intrigued by wolves.
9. When I was little I used to lay in bed and wipe my boogers on the wall. Then my Mom rearranged my room and moved my bed....and all my boogers were showing. She got really mad/grossed out so she made me scrape them off.
10. I think spending money on makeup is just crazy. I'm a wet n' wild girl.
11. One of my worst memories of my life was when I got hives from Penicillin and I had to go to the DR wearing a Shania Twain concert tee with no bra and grey sweatpants.
12. I hate traveling. Backpacking through Europe was the hardest thing I have ever done.
13. My dog has better hair than I do.
14. This will haunt me forever: I cheated once on a test in junior high. And my teacher caught me and pointed at me with her fat Cheetoh-stained fingers and scolded me.
15. I dread the day that I will not longer be able to wear short shorts/dresses/skirts.
16. It really annoys me when really cool people have bad self esteem.
17. I am an undomesticated goddess. JJ makes every meal. I HATE COOKING.
18. My feet haven't grown since 6th grade.
19. JJ thinks I'm the best person in the world.
20. I have never had buyer's remorse.
21. I can't whisper.
22. Working at a retirement community has taught me to appreciate the little things in the fact that I can walk in high heels.
23. I am vain.
24. I took that test in high school that told you what you were supposed to be when you grow up....and it said that I should be a hearse driver.
25. I have never been to a club. I can't dance "freestyle."


  1. Never been clubin? You hiked around Europe and never stepped into a Discoteque? Next time you're on a trip [to another city where you don't live and are likely never to return to] do three straight shots and get thee to a dance club [preferably of the gender bending variety - e.g. The Embers in Portland]! You haven't lived yet Lobo Liz! P.S. I think JJ is right, you are the best person.

  2. It isn't only JJ that thinks you're the best person in the world, it is also MIMI!


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