Thursday, January 29, 2009

lonely bones

junior year in college i lived alone in a one-bedroom apartment. i was lonely and sad (boo hoo) until the end of the year when i started dating JJ and hanging out with Crazylegs, The Black Dahlia and Juelz Santana. 

during the lonely days, i would sometimes catch myself being completely pathetic and wretched and pitiful, and would have to step back completely from the situation and shake it off. i called these times My Low Points. My Low Points included:

1. laying on the floor for an hour face down.
2. talking to Chanel...and beyond talking....asking her questions.
3. hooking up with a Nicholas Cage knockoff.
4. wandering the aisles of Target for 2+ hours.
5. survived on diet of spaghetti-os and buttered toast.
6. Oprah EVERY SINGLE DAY at 4. even planned class schedule around it.
7. subscribed to People Magazine. no person has time to keep up with the weekly publication...but i read each one cover to cover.
8. started running (bughllllll)
9. started listening to rap music (bughllllll)
10. made my bed. every. day. 

there are more...but they just keep getting worse. i got my independence from living alone with my cat and now i find myself doing things like going to the movies solo. yesterday it was Marley and Me...and i was the ONLY one in the theater....except for a Giant Man with a jumbo popcorn and slushie drink....who was also solo. he sat in the very back and i sat in the very front. but at the end, when Marley took his last breath, i heard the Giant Man sniffling and i looked at him with my glistening eyes and he looked at me with his and we smiled at each other. 


  1. Nicholas Cage! Barrgghh! Some amount of self-imposed loneliness is beneficial, but after that, get thee some company! But be selective, unless it's a public house. Nicholas Cage! Barrgghh! Going to the movies alone sounds weird, but man, it really works for the perfect amount of alone time. I saw Gran Torino w/ Tess and kept licking my lips every time they panned to PBR dripping condensation because the ice cooler had made it soooooo frosty! I've loathed PBR for years [skanksville], but man did Clint ever make me want one. Loved that movie. Didn't appreciate having to explain the nuances as the story unfolded to my date; ergo I prefer to fly solo for true cinematic pieces. Brought the kids to Marley and me. I, too, got all misty. Went back to Gran Torino, solo, except for several Coronas in the can - each w/ their own cooly wrapped around it. Every time Clint popped a icy PBR, Uncle Eric popped a frigid Corona. It was a beautiful thing, except for the stares in my direction w/ each pop topped. Pssssshhhht! Ahhh. Eastwood.

  2. dude i live alone in arizona and don't have a cat. imagine the embarrassing low points i've had. i don't even wanna talk about it.

  3. coolys!! or would it be coolies? hhahahahahahhahaha those things are always sooo trashy. they say things like "if you're reading this upside down, it means i fell off the boat" hahahahahahaha


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