Thursday, January 8, 2009

the olden days

due to the fact that the amount of snow around my house is comparable to that of an eskimo's, our satellite dish is not working. for almost a whole week now. ("I'm sorry ma'am, but the weather is affecting your city's television network") i hate to sound like a fat lazy american....but.....OHMYGOD WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT TV? I'M GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!! on sunday, JJ missed the games and i missed Desperate Housewives. on monday i missed Gossip Girl (!!!!!!!!) and J&K plus 8....AND The City! on tuesday i had to catch up on all these shows and JJ missed the Kings Game, on wednesday i missed the Patrick Swayze interview..tonight i will miss Grey's and the Office. NOT TO MENTION I HAVE BEEN MISSING ELLEN EVERY MORNING THIS WEEK! (i just realized how often i watch TV) i feel like i'm Laura Ingalls Wilder in the 1800's.

things to do instead of TV:

1. Chevy Chase marathon. each night we pick one of his movies. 
2. i've been playing a lot of solitaire. not on the computer. with real cards. 
3. Rug Doctored my living room.
4. coordinated JJ's closet.
5. shower more often.
6. took Cleo for a walk (and found 20 bucks in the slush. only to discover it wasn't mine so i had to return it. damn. tip: next time you find a 20, don't celebrate. just keep it to yourself)
7. Target run (obvi right?)
8. floss.
9. staring contest with Chanel.
10. try to rearrange living room only to discover the way we have it is the only way it can be because guessed it....because of the GOD FORSAKEN satellite dish cable cords. 

tomorrow i may possibly go insane. 


  1. What about me, what about me? No HBO and Big Love starts on the
    18th. You watch trash, I watch important stuff, like -- will Bill marry the Russian waitress and if he does will Barbara leave him? :(

  2. i usually eat when i'm bored. how did that not make the list?


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