Saturday, February 14, 2009

love/hate VDAY

in high school i had a boyfriend dump me a few days before VDAY and i wore black to school just so he would see me in it. but it's my sister CA's birthday on VDAY! but i hate boxes of chocolates. but i watch the real lame kay jewlers commercials and find myself smiling a very cheek-hurting smile when i watch them. . . .but why do couples have to wait until VDAY to appreciate eachother? that makes me mad. but i love pink. and hearts. and sparkles. and i love that i get to wear my knee-high pink suede boots today. and i have a fiance. but then again valentines day effing sux. and here's why:

JJ and i both have to work today. and he doesn't get home until 10. and we decided that we weren't going to do anything crazy for VDAY, just write love letters. but now that i'm at work and all the oldies are getting glorious bouquets that arrive at my desk, i'm quite jealous. and sad. and annoyed. yesterday we got a package from my mom with VDAY PJ's and fat (candy). so when i get home from work i will probably do the cliche single girl thing: eat the fat (candy) in my VDAY PJ's and watch bridget jones 1 AND 2. but i'm engaged. i should be just like every other couple: waiting miserably for 2 hours at the Outback Steakhouse just to get a shitty limp salad. (note: we DID go out to dinner last night for Nebular's birthday. Rah and i were determined to stay "normal" and get Nebular to loosen his bhole and have a little fun. what happens? we go to a Japansese steakhouse and have Japanese mai tais...then end up at a bar. and i lean over the counter and say to the bartender "make me something spicy!" then i winked at him and JJ hit me. then Rah and i have a photoshoot in the backseat of Nebular's car and it's in bed by 11:45.) it wasn't a VDAY dinner per se, but good enough.

VDAY is overrated. and the people who say it's overrated are the people who are mad because they're at work and all the beautiful flowers are arriving at their desk, and none are for them. the people who get weekend getaways and diamonds (ahem. my sister M) love VDAY.

but i love JJ. that's what matters. i love him so much that i woke up and took a huge rocket-shaped poop and wanted him to look at it. but he refused. so i left it there. and i got a text at work "you are so disgusting." tee hee.


  1. ahahahahah! i hate VDAY too, i'm calling it VD and likening it to an STD to console myself. i sitting on my couch hung over with last nights drunk munchies (something involving cheese) all over my shirt and couch. i sent an embarrassing late night text to a boy and he just called to make fun of me. i might even order a pizza to cap off the patheticness that is my existence... or just go back to bed...

  2. IT'S A HALLMARK HOLIDAY for Gawd's sake, so it is supposed to be awful. Groundhog day is so much better as a holiday... Or my birthday -- you can cut loose on MOMCAT'S birthday!

  3. Proud zeppelin presents amongst the china during the magic that is engagement does not bode well for JJs ante itch years me thinks! Jesus, Mary & Joseph Liz...


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