Tuesday, February 10, 2009

young alum slums

stupid Crazylegs missed her flight. so she got here about 15 hours late. idiot. when i went to pick her up from the airport i got all sweaty and excited because i hadn't seen her since our 5 week eurotrip this summer. (picture it: last stop: london. and at this point we were truly annoyed with eachother. at our wits end. out of cash. out of clean clothes. out of patience. out of hope. my flight left before hers and i woke up, packed my one backpack and said "SEE YA LATER") when i saw her walk out of the airport on friday i jumped out of the car screaming and ran to hug her. it was like a slow-mo scene and she dropped her bags and ran to me. it was quite romantic really. we just screamed and teared up at the corners of our eyes, etc. it was like she just got back from the war. and i was her wife. then we stared at eachother in the car the whole ride home.

FRIDAY: Crazylegs Rah and i went to a party that night. the kind of party we would have gone to in college with all of the people we used to hang out with. and we pulled up to the house where the party was and kind of panicked. we remembered how annoyed we got whenever we saw alumni last year ("GET OUT OF HERE OLDIES!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! GET OUT! THIS IS A COLLEGE PARTY/BAR JUST LEAVE!!!") we didn't want to be "those alumni" that we hated. so we sat in the car with the doors locked and turned off the lights. we were being very inconspicuous and quiet. slowly, more cars (presumably more alumni) pulled up and followed our lead. (lights off, silence, questioning whether or not they should realllly go in or not) we were doing a good job of hiding then Crazylegs suddenly had to go to the bathroom. so she reached for the door just as i screamed "NO!!!" and the alarm on my car went off. she outed us in front of all the other alumni. so we got out with blushed cheeks and hanged heads and shuffled towards the party.

when we got in we felt glorious. all important and cool. people we knew and loved came up to us and hugged us and told us how great it was to see us. we felt totally legit.

SATURDAY: game night. go zags. but first: something you should know about me. i am a very independent person who can make her own choices and decide for herself..except...when it comes to ordering drinks. i just can't do it. there are about a million to pick from. but i can never think of a cool one. so usually i just order my go-to drink: amaretto sour. its tangy and delish and a good color. but before i discovered my go-to drink i would just order what everybody else got. i would be a total copycat. then the first time i used a fake ID (sorry ma...but it was only 2 months before my 21st birthday) i was the first in line to order so i couldn't copy. and i froze. FROZE. ...and ordered a strawberry daqueri. a STUPID DAQUERI. i am so lame. who orders a strawberry daqueri in a bar? it's all fruity and has whip cream on the top and you look like a total fool when you get it. so back to Sat. night. at Jack and Dan's (the Most Popular College Bar), there's a drink called a Frank's Special. it tastes like strawberry lemonade. but you can only get it at THAT bar. i didn't know that. so Crazylegs Rah and i go to a different place downtown to watch the game and i walk up to the bar all suave and confident and cheeky...and i say "hmmm...i think i'll have a Frank's Special." the beermaid just stared at me and said, "who's Frank?" then my bitch friend Crazylegs screams, "L ya can't order a Frank's Special at any ol bar you STUPID!!!!" i'm an imbecile.

we had fun both nights and made unforgettable memories. we spent sunday never leaving the couch except to go eat and poop. our favorite thing to scream to the college kids in the bars? "ENJOY YOUR YOUTH! BEFORE YOU KNOW IT....IT'S GONE!!!" then we got all weepy about how we are in "the real world."

now Crazylegs has gone back to NY and everything is back to boring normal. all she left behind was a dirty pair of underwear.

some things never change.


  1. Believe it or not, I used to have the same kind of fun with my friends back in "the olden days". Except I think I was way more wilder than you -- ask your mother or Auntie Ellen...

  2. this comment makes me like MOMCAT even more.


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