Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i am the rabbit.

NOTICE: due to some brain-fartage on my part, i want to personally and publicly apologize to RayJones and Momcat for not including them in the Nearest and Dearest post. i foolishly and remorsefully overlooked two of my favorite people. please accept my deepest and most sincere expressions of regret. and re-read the My Nearest and Dearest post.

last night (st. pat's) was disgustingly lame. there is no luck of the irish. i am not lucky. someone once said, "depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember, it didn't work out for the rabbit." i am the rabbit. i end up with my foot cut off without even knowing what happened. the next thing i know, i'm hobbling around on 3 feet while someone's got my fourth appendage dyed hot pink and dangling from their keyring. 

first of all, no drinking holiday is ever the same after college. second of all, my fiance can't drink. so JJ, Rah, Nebular and i walked into the bar and stayed for 3 minutes. JJ (hood on) and Nebular walked straight to the back. Rah and i went to the bar counter, unbeknownst to us that there was actually a line. plus when we got to the front i realized that i only have 5 dollars in my bank account and drinks are 7 dollars. Rah found herself in a similar situation. so we turned to walk to the back to find JJ and Nebular. but not without the occasional fat girl in line muttering/halfway unconfidently yelling, "yeah, that's what i thought" or "yeah, you better get in the back of the line," as we passed. once we found the boys we left. what a waste of a perfectly good outfit. (i.e. black skinny jeans, green tank with exposed zipper in the back, black BCBG motorcycle riding boots and faux cheetah fur shrug)

when we got outside i yelled "I HATE ST. PATRICK'S DAY." and JJ scolded me for being embarrassing/too loud. then i found a band-aid (not my own) stuck to my boot. &#$%

then we went to baskin & robbins. 31 flavors. and i complained the whole time in the car. and since it's past 5 pm i can't have any dairy products. so i have to get the only thing on the menu not containing milk. i was as grumpy as a rhino. and wasn't afraid to show it.

this morning involved JJ reminding me of my rude behavior and 2 apology texts to Rah and Nebular for being a butt. i woke up at 10:45 craving a doughnut, but remembering my bank account, i cursed and made pancakes instead. 

tomorrow i am waking up early and driving to meet with the florist. with the luck i'm having she'll suggest weeds for my wedding bouquet. 


  1. you were right about your luck with the florist. you are perpetually the rabbit.

  2. Weeds might be quite nice, as they are inexpensive (you are already breaking the bank) and often don't wilt as fast as flowers do. But be careful of the scent. Years and years ago I picked some goodlooking green leaves up in the woods and added them to a vase of flowers. When Papa came home he asked, "Why does the house smell like cat pee?" It did and it was the weeds!


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