Sunday, March 1, 2009

my plastic cat friend.

i've been busy. and by busy i mean i work every single day of the week, with no sleep-in days. this however, is OK because i have a bit o green to spend. Rah and i went to the mall, and bought a little thing here and a little thing there...everything under 10 dollars. and.....WHAT I AM ABOUT TO CONFESS, DEAR READER, IS SOMETHING I BEG OF YOU TO FORGIVE ME FOR. i went to rave. and bought....a.....pair.....of.....JEANS. i know. i know. but they really fit great and they were FIFTEEN dollars. that's unbelievable. and just when i am la-di-dah-ing my fab purchase, i get a text from my sister M. "going 2 hawaii to visit mimi"

so she gets free flights to hawaii from my parents while i have to buy fifteen dollar jeans from rave. huh.

so i thought to myself "self you really need a nice treat." and i may have been a bit overzealous when using my custom-designed bank of america sanrio hello kitty credit card. but i am happy that i bought: a flight to visit Sam in april in arizona, land of the cacti; and a flight to visit Crazylegs in may in NYC, land of our green lady. i think i saw hello kitty's smile turn into a frown after those purchases. but i just said, "hello kitty you shut up."

and also, because i am so busy, i rush about going a little nutty everywhere. last week was sooo jam packed, and i had exactly 3 hours to clean my house. so i power swept and power mopped and power litterboxed and power vacuumed. that last one got me into a bit o trouble. i was vacuuming with such speed and conviction (and it was truly exhilirating) that i lost control and it hit the washing machine. which made the vacuum stop cold. which made my crotch bone ram into the vacuum handle. i screamed at Cleo, because she was the only one home, and it was partially her fault because....well actually it wasn't her fault in the slightest, i just needed to blame my stupidity on someone. i was so annoyed that i had to leave the house. and so i grabbed hello kitty and bought a pot for my fichus.

last night when we were gone, Chanel the obese feline, climbed onto the fridge and pushed her container of food onto the ground. it broke, spilling the food, and Cleo ate it all. so now Cleo has dog diarrhea. am going to have to take hello kitty to petsmart for some more cat food. which is extremely annoying because all Cleo did was eat 9 dollars worth of cat food only to shit it out immediately.

and today, JJ and i are going registering for the wedding. all i want in life is versace china. but the dinner plate alone is 90 dollars. there are just some things that my hello kitty (or anyone else's CC for that matter...well, besides bill gates) cannot buy.


  1. hahahahhaha oh my god, i'm dying, absolutely DYING! (getting mac and cheese on my keyboard) i hate when you ram your crotch bone into anything, it is literally the worst pain in the world, probably akin to natural child birth (which i never plan on experiencing). I can't wait til you get here, its going to be all margaritas and sunshine (and maybe a little bit of that law school thing that brought me here) for 5 days! can't wait, can't wait, CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Blargh!!!!!
    its so funny that you had to scream at someone when you rammed the good ol' crotchie into the vacuum -because it's not that you were mad at cleo... its just that it hurt so bad!


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