Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the party that wasn't

i was reminiscing about college (as i often do) and came across this picture. oh, 4th of July 07. everytime i think of 4th of July 07 i blush.

you see, i lived with six girls in a big blue house, right across from the school, in prime party location. or so we thought. we decided to throw an epic 4th of July party. we sent out invitations (with a picture of our school's president holding a sparkler) on facebook and everything. we checked hourly to see if people had replied "yes i will attend" or "no."

we bought a kiddie pool from shopko and filled it with 30 bombs and ice. we went shopping for red, white and blue outfits. we cleaned the house. we cleaned ourselves. we pruned the greenery. ok we didn't really prune the greenery, but you get the idea. we were more than ready for this partay.

it was supposed to start at 4 PM. it was around this time that we realized there were other 4th of July parties, including the biggest one of all. it was in a cabin. on a lake. oh damn. so we just pretended like we changed the time to 10 PM, thought the spokane stragglers would wander in. so all of my roommates leave to get dinner except me and Crazylegs. it was our job to be on the lookout for any earlybirds. well Crazylegs had to shower, and i wasn't about to be the sole host of a stupid 4th of July party, so i locked the bathroom door and i sat on the toilet while she showered.


panic. attack.

3 boys looking into our windows. Crazylegs and i didn't know what to do. she had just gotten out of the shower and had wet hair. no wayyyy i'm answering the door to the empty house where a party was supposed to be. so we huddled together in the bathroom and waited for them to leave, all the while shaking our heads at our foolishness.

we were so embarrassed and so pissed off. we just wanted our first party to be big and beautiful.

it wasn't until about 11 PM when everybody had drank all the beer at all the other parties, that they decided to meander in to ol Big Blue.

we are thinking it's OK since people did show up, even if at the end. then people start sniffing. and turning their noses and making faces. there is a horrid rotten unmistakable smell in the air: dog poo.


it wasn't until the next morning when i was bagging the empty cans when it hit me: maybe, just maybe, we just weren't as cool as we thought.

(DISCLAIMER: we threw about 4 more parties that year, each ending in success)


  1. this is why the only parties we ever threw were 21 runs and we had them at frat liveouts.

  2. i take that back... we did throw one BADASS black and white party the night before me and KKiss' graduation. which explains why i look horribly pale and nauseous in all the pictures from that day.


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