Monday, March 2, 2009

something old

when i was looking at bath towels, JJ took the gun and registered for a bathrobe for himself. i can't even talk about that right now.

today i had a canker sore the size of neptune on my gum where a wisdom tooth would be. i sucked on it, and it popped, and i accidentally swallowed the fluid. i lose.

a wonderful thing happened to me. my absolute favorite resident here is Dee in room 712. she is partially blind and comes down every morning to have me check her makeup. she says she trusts me to tell her the truth. and i'll never forget the story of when she switched her eyeliner and lipliner, ("those damn estee lauder pens all look and feel the same! especially when you're blind!") and ended up with red-framed eyes and some major-gothic black lips.

she spent the majority of her young adult years being a fabulous flight attendant, and when she decided to settle down and get married, she and her husband traveled everywhere, even stopping in Africa to live for a few years. Dee is quite fabulous, and has more than a few vintage Dior scarves, if you catch my drift.

about a month ago, Dee came down and asked about my wedding dress. i described it to her and she cut me off and said, "i'll be right back!" when she came down, she had the most beautiful mini hand-beaded purse with a rhinestone and crystal clasp. and it is the exact shade of my wedding dress. i about cried with happiness when she presented it to me. however, part of the retirement community's employee policy is that we are not allowed to accept gifts from the residents. i reminded her of this, and she said, "i know, but i have a plan."

there is a place in the basement called "the corner store" which is sort of like a goodwill for the retirement community. the residents can donate unwanted items, and they are put up for sale. i find neat little things there all the time. most recently i got a framed picture of a church on a hill, very adorable, for only 3 bucks! and just friday i bought a pair of tiny white leather gloves with a scalloped edge...2 dollars! a co-worker of mine bought a vera wang scarf for a buck last week, and one lucky employee even scored a floor length fur jacket for 25 dollars. i mean, this place is a jackpot.

so we executed Dee's plan: she met me at my desk for my break, then she took me and the purse down to the corner store, donated it, then i immediately bought it....this phenomenonally hand crafted one-of-a-kind vintage purse, was all mine for five dollars. five dollars! i thanked her profusely and she said, "well there's a story that goes along with that purse."

then she showed me an old picture of herself, her husband, and.....none other than Richard Nixon! she wore this wonderful little purse to Nixon's inauguration Ball! absolutely amazing. she was a personal flight attendant for the president on his private jet, and even more...she was friends with the Nixons, up until they passed away. she and Pat were penpals for many many years.

so my "something old" for the wedding is a purse that was worn to a presidential inauguration ball. i win!

Dee is obviously invited to my wedding.


  1. Tess and I would love to escort her at your event if she would like. Sounds like a marvelous person.

  2. this is a fabulous story, Dee is totally a republican :)

  3. oh and your canker sore story is disgusting.

  4. ps i'm totally getting JJ the bathrobe.

  5. i hate you legally brown hole.

  6. She had better beat us to that particular prize [i.e. the bathrobe]. Where are you registered, pray tell?

  7. macys pottery barn neiman marcus


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