Sunday, April 26, 2009

A.F.P.W. to 3L

note: all of these pictures are from college/post college. if i posted the ones circa 1998, they would fill 10 web pages.

there are people in this world. people you just can't seem to ever get rid of. people who have seen you pee your pants. people who have broken up with boyfriends for you. people you have had your first drink with. people you have gone to summer camp with. people who have been there since the beginning. people you are protective of. people you have seen endure heartaches and happiness, diarrhea and drama.

i was 5 when i first met KitKat. it was at Katelin McKee's august birthday party. KitKat had the longest, reddest hair i had ever seen, and bangs that would would make Stephanie Tanner jealous. i went home and bragged about her to my parents, and then on the first day of kindergarten, while waiting for the bus with my hot pink backpack and my mom, i saw her again. KitKat had her long hair tied back in a ponytail and she was holding her mom's hand. Karen and Kiki started talking, then we figured oout we had the same kindergarten teacher! it was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. we were in the same campfire group, dance class, neighborhood...everything!

the first time we met LJ was in 2nd grade. LJ was put into our dance class at age 7, when we had all been together since age 5. we didn't like LJ. we didn't like the outsider, and we pushed the dear girl to hate dance. she always says she could have had an exceptional dancing career if it wasn't for us. (KitKat and i continued to dance throughout our senior year in high school. we were on the SHS drill team and even were members of a competitive dance team. and poor LJ was left out) after LJ quit dance, that was goodbye to her for a while.

KitKat and i had the same 2nd grade teacher...then we were together again in 5th grade. KitKat was terribly shy, (and i was never described as so), but we were a great pair. except for the time Katie told me she had a crush on Josh Jacobs. he was in our class, and during SSR (silent sustained readint) i farted. and i blamed it on KitKat right in front of Josh Jacobs. it was a horrid thing to do, but i was embarrassed. well KitKat cried and told on me and i had to apologize in front of the whole class for "blaming my fart on her"

5th grade was also the time when we were rekindled with LJ. we would play with her during lunch recess, and KitKat and i decided she was weird enough to be our friend. we became best friends instantly and we started a club; A.F.P.W. (not going to tell you what it means!) it was a secret society. in 6th grade we kept it going and during hot summer nights, we would have A.F.P.W. meetings (we called them seances)/sleepovers on the trampoline. we were just freaks actually now that i'm thinking about it.

we stayed very close until about halfway through 7th grade. i wasn't a falling out, but for some reason we stopped hanging out every weekend. we were still friends, just not bffff. then, the summer after our freshman year, we reconnected. we were entering high school as sophomores, and we had a sleepover the night before we went to pick up our class schedule and have our student I.D. card photos taken. the plan was for all of us to wear pink shirts. at the last minute KitKat changed her mind and put on a green shirt. we were annoyed. so we tried to change her mind by saying she looked like a leprechaun --Leppy--hence 3Ls. (LJ was Lowey..nickname from swim team friend...and i was Lucie. spelling mistake on all my summer camp paperwork. thanks mom)

the A.F.P.W. was back in full force action, as the 3Ls. we went back to spending every waking moment together, and boy did we have a blast.

Top Ten Best A.F.P.W./3L Memories in no particular order:
1. burying the minnie mouse chapstick as a sort of time capsule for the future. was dug up by one of my dogs.

2. first school dance we went to together. KitKat + Ryan Wright. LJ + Chris (still 2gether). Me + Brian Collins. (aka Sex God)

3. Seattle Trip for Prom Dress shopping. thank you David's Bridal.

4. Christmas gift exchange. i regifted stupid things i found around my house. LJ and KitKat actually spent money to get nice things. i was very ashamed.

5. 3 to a bed.

6. first drinks (aka vodka and diet squirt, classy)

7. the day we created the title A.F.P.W. via computer chat during lunch.

8. KitKat's bachelorette/wedding

9. campouts in the LJ's trailor. always always involving frozen lime green kool-aid.

10. lunch in high school. just us at a lonely table.

to this day we are still friends. i value them immensely. they have known me since the beginning. through elementary, middle and high school, through college and our young adult years. we have been through it all together, and we were able to spend our adolescence together. we have all changed, living in separate cities, doing different things, but we still remain very close. i am proud that we share something that growing up in a small town gave us, something few are lucky enough to possess: the ability to say "we have been friends forever."

i love you Ls. you'll always have a spesh place in my heart of hearts.


  1. Ahahahaha. oh so special :) Definitely brought up a few things I had forgotten about completely! like how we had a "falling out" when A.F.P.W. died. We are so damn weird. Also. #3. Should also say thank you Sears...isn't that where you guys found your dresses?? And one addition that I think demonstrates our weirdness...drinking pickle juice. wtf?!? we are odd.

  2. i think i'm the official triple L photographer. you're welcome for documenting your memories.

  3. LOL

    and yes....lj you're right...sears. oh it pains me so.

  4. Its okay they were oh so fabulous. Tie dye, glitter, beads...with that combo you just can't go wrong.


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