Tuesday, April 7, 2009



i walked into the dining room at work today. this is what i saw: for reals. bunnies in a retirement community. i guess they don't make good pets for children...but the elderly? no big shiz! have a bunny 85-year-old-man.


  1. I am so jealous of you right now. Don't lie, you know you're resisting the urge to scoop one up and sneak it home in your bag.

  2. which is the SOLE reason I do not own one. I think I just like the idea of a bunny. but if the easter season inspires me to get one it will be your roomate. ahhahaa.

  3. An old highschool friend of Tessa's brought us to her house one time after she coincidentally ran into us at a party in Portland. Very charming, fun & gainfully employed in a serious airline industry job. This event occured shortly after Tessa and I started courting. Your damn bunny blogs have forced this tragic memory to resurface, kinda like Bunny #2. Anyway, this old friend roomed w/ a newer girl acquaintance. We walk into this seemingly normal,older rental-home in a nondiscript hood in PDX & our feet are immediately in over an inch of decomposing rabbit shit. Rabbits "owned" by the room mate. Everywhere! I don't mean a scat here or there. I mean an even inch, wall to wall. Talk about bulgh. I'm what you call a super-taster. I smell everything. Think amonia in wafts and wafts, tears overcoming your vision and burning your retinas, the squish beneath your hushpuppies, the precarious footing, the fear of slipping. These seemingly normal, natty dressing, 20-something Betties L-I-V-E-D there!!!!!! It was like the people who have halls stuffed full of every periodical they've ever owned; like the people who have untold number of cats with no kitty litter boxes and haven't thrown out the putrid cat-food cans that have been opened you hear about from time to time. Needless to say, I remain mentally scarred. We saw this same gal a little while ago at Tessa's 20th highschool reunion. She and her significant other wanted to buy into the Walla Walla scene. Could I help them? I could only think of bunny turds and the amonia. Do you think it made a differnce that it was the room mate's rabbits??!! And yet you still remained a roomey????!! Hell no hopalong!Domesticated rabbits are good for one thing! Skinned, butter, garlic & herbs served with a delicate white. P-E-R-I-O-D. Delish! Do me a favor Liz, no more rabbit talk. P.S. Never did see an actual rabbit in that place! What's up with that? Mimi thinks I would do great as a income property owner. Fuck that noise! I've been to the warren! E.

  4. ok i am a super taster as well Eric. i didn't know what it was called until now but i'm extremely sensitive to smells. i gag every damn day on the bus when this smelly person dressed in safari gear gets on, and almost vomit every time i walk into a public restroom. i also can't hide my emotions and they surface uncontrollably in my facial expressions so i'm sure i look like an absolute bitch every day. i tried to explain this to a classmate who wanted me to volunteer at a homeless shelter with people who don't value hygiene as much as i do. but they simply told me i was a horrible person. sorry i have an incredible nose, i can't control that.

  5. "fuck that noise" ?? who are you uncle E? diddy?

    ps LJ did ya catch that sauteed bunnie with garlic and herbs bit? tsk tsk...it's awfully sad.

    HOWEVER, the baby bunnies shown in the pic are actually going to need to be "rehomed" after easter (aka on monday) think about it....you could have one.

    white, tan, white & tan spotted, and a black one. take your pick.


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