Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i'm sorry if the Eurocrazy blogs are a bit boring. they are funny to me and Crazylegs and JJ. i love them, and there are a few more left, but i suppose we can take a break.

if ya feel like having an Easter laugh....

http://oldirtyd.blogspot.com/ that's Crazylegs. she posted that video just for me. just thought i would share that joyful little video that makes me pee, with my loyal band of followers/servants.

i like Easter. it's fun. the bunny hides our baskets in the morning and we have to look for them, and we always get bathing suits. but one time we got 2 real bunnies! black ones. i don't remember their names, but that winter, one of them froze to death and the other one ate it. then that one died because it probably isn't healthy to eat your sister, ya know what i mean? anyway, my Dad threw the dead bunnies over the cliff from our backyard. my parents thought they had taken care of the dead black bunnies, but the next day our yellow lab/retriever mix Jack came trotting up the hill from the cliff with GUESS WHAT in his mouth? yep. Dead Bunny #2. my Mom didn't want us kids to see it and get upset, so she snatched Dead Bunny #2 from Jack's mouth and hurled back over the cliff. what do you think happened the next day? Jack found DB#2 again and brought him home. so finally my parents put DB#2 in the garbage. you think that's the end? no. Jack got into the garbage and once again rustled up a rather haggard DB#2. finally on garbage day the next week, DB#2 was safely nestled in the cans and Jack was inside the house, probably staring longingly out the window.

my mom never told me the story until a couple of years ago. she said, "it was the bunny that just didn't want to leave us."

a couple of days ago when i was watching Even Stevens on the DisneyXD channel (great channel for old school Disney-loving people), a commercial came on. It was from the Humane Society. it said, "bunnies are not good presents for Easter." (picture of bunny) "they are not suitable pets for children." (bunny in cage. young fat girl jumping up and down annoying bunny) "did you know bunnies have to get spayed and neutered just like cats and dogs?" (bunny at the vet) "think before you get your child a bunny for Easter, they are a long time investment." (white bunny on screen with single Easter egg next to it) "stick to chocolate bunnies this year."

this commercial made me think of our black bunnies. and i laughed. but it really is sad that there are thousands of homeless bunnies in the world because people think it's a good idea to buy them for Easter, then they get sick of them because they poop everywhere.

HOWEVER, despite all of this, my friend LJ STILL WANTS A BUNNY AS A PET. she hates dogs and cats, but somehow bunnies make the cut.

and just this morning a woman who works in the dining room came to my desk and said, "i'm expecting a package to be delivered today. it contains live animals. call me when it gets here." all nonchalant-like. i asked what they were and she said, "ducklings and chicks. as soon as they hatch, they are shipped." i'm like "LADY YA CAN'T JUST ORDER A LIVE DUCK AND HAVE IT DELIVERED TO MY DESK!!!!!" (but i didn't say that.) what is wrong with people?

one year (i think i was about 9 or so) we were in Olympia (where Mimi and Papa live) for Easter. Mimi's dog Chewy had to get a haircut, so we schlepped on over to PetSmart. They had their Easter decorations up and i spotted on of those pipe cleaner chicks. you know the ones? (see picture above) they are just so tiny and mini and adorable. i loved them. so much. i just liked to hold them and smile at them. so i put one in my pocket. and when we were outside, i showed my sister M and Mimi caught me. she took me back into PetSmart and made me return it. it was the only time i ever "shoplifted." i put quotations around "shoflifted" because it wasn't like i stole their inventory. like a bag of MeowMix or something. i took a tiny little measly chick Easter decoration. like, give a kid a break.

bottom line: i like Easter. i like being home. with my family. but this year. i. have. to. work. and when i complained to my mom she was like, "it's not like Easter is a major family holiday." but to me it is. I LIKE EASTER! i liked our matching homemade Easter dresses with hats. and egg hunting. i have a lot of great Easter memories. and now i will be stuck at work on Easter. and since JJ and i gave up fast food for Lent, we are having Taco Bell as our Easter Dinner. i mean, COME ON LIFE.

i suppose it could be worse. i could be Dead Bunny #2.


  1. this one made me laugh REAL hard, in fact i might even give you a pee rating. my mom is sending me an easter basket in the mail. apparently its still a huge holiday for the grandkids and the single daughter who lives in AZ (bros are not getting baskets). the BUNNY!! hahahA! OMG LJ is going to freak out.

  2. First of all, Dad never tossed the bunny. I did. Flung it like a frisbee, because it was frozen flat and solid like a frisbee. But you need to explain that we COULDN'T bury it. That was the year we had the several feet of snow...`96 I think. We couldn't get to the ground, and even if we could have, we wouldn't have been able to dig--frozen, frozen, frozen!
    Secondly, I only said that about Easter to make you feel better about missing it. Truthfully, we'll probably have all kinds of fun without you.....sorry. Love you, Honey!

  3. Wasn't Jack precious? I miss him.

  4. thanks mom. you're nice.

    of course i miss jack. i especially miss how he ate like 3 of charlie's birthday cakes. hahaahdffdf

  5. hahahaha kiki thanks for the explanation, i was wondering exactly that as i was reading it! and jack was a really good dog!!!!

  6. This made me laugh and cry a little for all the lost bunnies. I too have a few sad bunny tales. On the LaBissoniere family farm we've had our share of bunnies. But living on the side of a cliff, the cyotes always ate them. I remember one morning there was bloody bunny fur all over the sidewalk and an empty bunny cage. bahhh. My parents couldn't act quick enough to hide that one. :( I think this is why I firmly believe bunnies are indoor pets.

  7. Sad bunny tale #2: One time we thought we had two girl bunnies "Emily" and Daisy. Except Daisy got preggers. Making "Emmy" a boy. When the babies were born most of them froze to death...except one which we managed to save. We brought him inside and fed him with a bottle thinking we were doing a good job keeping the baby alive. Until....big fat cat oreo pounced and knocked the poor bunny off its bed. I think the baby bunny had a heart attack and died instantly. And you wonder why I dislike felines.

  8. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahwefhkjsadahdsfhadfhahahaha


    stopppppppppp i cant breathe at work

    seriously dying laughing right now

  9. Bunnies are seriously good food. I'm with Jack & Bunny #2 in that regard, although I like mine skinned, fileted and sauted in butter, garlic & herbs. Better than chicken if you're ever offered some. Kiki still can't explain why she simply didn't throw Bunny#2 in the can in the first place.....but I can. Mimi & Papa lived in Olympia in a house built over a ravine on the bay [Mimi more than Papa]. They threw the damndest things over the deck rail into that frickin ravine instead of the trash! It became a sick habbit. If it was theoretically biodegradable, it went over the edge. BTW, you could still see it & smell it! For months! They'd tell you they did it because degradable garbage was not a simple thing to export on Cooper Point with its septic systems. Whatever wierdos! The "Fuck it, Chuck it" syndrome is some genetic mutation & Kiki has it. If she was a smoker, she'd throw her butts out the window of her car. Of that I am sure. Spence does.....and in my driveway when visiting. Anywho..... Ciao. E.

  10. Eric is wrong, our gully did not smell! LG, do you remember the time I bought you some bunnies at that feed store at the beginning of Weanas -- you and Meggie were with me and begging and I gave in and your mother was furious. She said I had to take them back and I did but they didn't want to take hem back so I just went to the back of the store and left them there. Hope they broke into a sack of bunny food!


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