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Eurocrazy- Cannes/Venice

June 16, 2008

in veniceeeeeeeeeeeee

we got here around 6 pm after traveling for 12 hours my god i thought i was going to die. we went straight to our hotel and then ate gnocchi...and because right after dinner i had to take a huge dump, we missed free internet hour at our place. typical. i ruin everything. so now were paying 8 euro for like 7.23 minutes at an internet cafe.

the rest of cannes was quite gorgeous, and i acquired more things there than i needed. since jer is coming tomorrow at 11 (YESSS!!! im so excited) im going to make him take half of my shit home. men love us here because we are so blonde but i told monica that no matter how blonde i am i will never be blonde as her. weve been hit on more times than i can count. monica just screams "NON GRAZI" at them and that usually takes care of it.

oh and i forgot to tell you how i was almost robbed in paris by a gypsy. yes a gypsy. the sneaky weasel woman was walking around the museum looking for idiots like me to scam. she had a gold ring and would swish it around in her hand and hide it and then all of a sudden whip it out and pretend to pick it up off the ground and say "is it yours?" she was like a magician. luckily i had monica. she grabbed me before i could lose my money and passport.

anywayyyyyyyyy, the rest of cannes was amazing and we loved it!! one night we took a bottle of peach champagne to the beach and watched the sunset it was quite fun and romantic. we also found an english bookstore that was charging 17 euro for paperback books that werent even bestsellers like lurlene mcdaniel novels it was so stupid. but i needed a book so badly that i just bought the thickest one i could find that wasnt a john grisham novel and slapped the money on the counter.

venice is gorg. and full of americans. even though its very tacky, i want to ride in a gondola because you HAVE to ride in a gondola when youre in venice. the fake bags are quite convincing here, but who wants a fake??

anyway, times a tickin and im runnin short on cash. love you and miss you. i miss taco bell badly. see you in the states!

NOW i just want to say that tomorrow is chanels birthday as you all know, and mom you get her some treats. and you give her a good sized handful of them. that fatso needs a little extra for her special day!!! IM SO EXCITED TO SEE JEREMY TOMORROWWWWWW!! i cant wait...this trip has put me way outside of my comfort zone a number of times and i have already felt like i want to come home but it gets better most of the times. i just hate hate hate haaaaaaaaaaaateeee my backpack. so much. and i dont like being smelly and without cute outfits. it really is terrible. next time i travel abroad will definitely be by a glamorous cruise ship or something of the like. (complete with expensive wine, burberry luggage and numerous chic outfits)

i have hardly done any damage shopping! im quite proud of myself!!!

lalalalalalalaaaaaaaa im just so happy to see jer!!!! tomorowwww at 11!!!

ok love you lots talk to you later


a common phrase Crazylegs and i used on this trip: "HOLY SHIT my backpack weighs as much as shaq!!!!!!"

never got that gondola ride. Crazylegs and JJ who have both been to venice before: "that's stoooooooopid. we don't want to do that." thanks, guys, thanks.

waiting at the train station in Venice for JJ


San Marco Square: Legs about to crush under the pressure of hideous backpacks

Grumps. San Marco with JJ.nice tshirt you tourist.

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