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Eurocrazy- Florence

June 16, 2008

of course i cried a little when JJ left. it was tough.

we got to florence and i bought a cashmere scarf off the bat (shoulda bought 20) we are walking down the cobblestones and the FIRST PEOPLE WE SEE IN FLORENCE are our arch nemeses from college (not really. just have slight awk run-ins with them. GU has a study abroad program in Florence.) of course we have to stand and make awkward converstation while sweat is literally dripping from our backs. then we checked into our pensione (hostel) and went to dinner and have the most FABULOUS drink of strawberry pop, lemonade and peach vodka...its BOMB!!!!! then off to bed. but not before we get nostaligic and sad that our college career is over.
and today i bought the MOST BEAUTIFUL SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE FROM MIU MIU thats right. 460 euros which is 710.75 in US american dollar bills. gulp. oh my god. it was painful. but soooo worth it. theyre all covered in sequins and theyre for my wedding! both of my cards embarrassingly declined because the bank had a heart attack that i was spending that much money in one sitting. ahhhhh they are gorgeous!! and while i waited for them to find my size i drank sparkling water from a champagne flute served on a silver tray. tres chic. (however, i was wearing denim cutoff shorts and flip flops. not exactly the kind of attire allowed in these fancy shops) anyway they are gorg. to die forrrr!

we climbed to the top of the Duomo one day. which was death. the most exercise i have ever done in life. but the top was beautiful. just a liiittttle scary.

we loved florence, it was so much fun! one of the nights we hung out with some girls we knew from school (they were sophomores going on juniors we felt like old hags...) anyway we ate at a BOMB restaurant (mon and jers favorite in florence. they both did the study abroad program.) then we went to kitsch which is a bar. apparently a hot spot in town for the gonzaga crowd. so my friend morgan orders a cosmo and in walks the girls who we have awkward run-ins with. so of course i have to do (what i thought was) a subtle hand gesture that was supposed to represent something like "ohmygod can you believe our life?" to monica. and what happens in the middle of said hand gesture? of COURSE i knock over the freshly made cosmo, it falls, spills, and the glass shatters everywhere. honest to god, that is true. the bartender snarls (yes, snarls) at me and sighs heavuly, and everyone stares at me like ive just told them hitler walked in or something. so then i quietly mutter to him "i'll just have whatever you make me."

so he makes me.....

A BLACK DRINK. BLACK AS THE NIGHT. it was like tar. asshole.

then in walk the rest of the GU people. all babies. freshmen going on sophomores. BABIES. needless to say, we started to feel really awkward and left. we werent so sad to be graduated anymore.

since Crazylegs had studied abroad a couple of summers before, she knew the ropes around the gonzaga campus. so we snuck around trying to get into the computer lab so we could use the internet for free. we were so afraid we were going to get caught. hahah

i realized while we were in florence that OMG i was going to vegas for KitKat's bachelorette party like a week after we got home. i knew i wouldn't have time to shop when i got home so i went to and ordered a bunch of dresses and had them sent to my parents house. you don't really realize the value of money when you are abroad...

we stayed in this place called Hotel Lea the second and third nights. this place was an absolute CIRCUIS. CIRCUIS!!! the old woman who ran it kept patting monica's hand and shouting at us in italian. then this nut who worked there was talking about how he used to be a Hell's Angel in LA and how he almost got killed. then one night, while monica was sick from food poisoning, 2 creepy men. one tall, one short (why is that always the duo? one tall skinny creepy man and one short stumpy creepy man) knocked on our door. we were freaked out. i answered the door. just cracked it open. the men asked us if we wanted to go out with them. UM NO. so i had to tell them the only thing i knew would keep them away. "my friend is really sick and is throwing up and has diarrhea." well, sorry m. had to throw ya under the bus to save ourselves. the whole time we were at Hotel Lea we kept saying "this will be really funny if we are not killed in our sleep." all night the old woman would be shouting on the phone. all night. people in and out of Hotel Lea and our room was right by the front desk. our beds had creepy carvings of children in them. with eyes that felt as though they were staring at us. so we huddled together and watched family guy season 1 on monicas ipod. praying for survival. hahah!!!

the night i made a fool of myself at kitsch was also the night i wore a red white and blue tube top. and walking down the streets in florence with blonde hair and a red white and blue tube top was apparently an invitation for every greasy italian man to scream "HELLO MISS AMERICAAA" at me.

All smiles BEFORE climbing the Duomo

At Kitsch that fateful night with GU friends

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