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Eurocrazy- Florence/Vienna

June 20, 2008

the next morning we get up and head to the train station around 11 am...and wait in line for 40 minutes for tickets. when its finally our turn, i get really excited and jump up to the ticket window, and i spill diet coke ALL over my back. stupid day. then we find out that the only train to austria is a night train from 10 pm until 9 am. soooo effing long. and we have like 10 hours to kill. cant go back to Hotel Lea because we checked out. so we get on a bus to go back to GU to hang out in the computer room but we miss our stop and end up riding the damn thing for over an hour. ughhh then we finally get to GU and the principal asks us what we are doing. we explain our situation and he says we can stay until 5 only. because GU closes early on thursdays. of COURSE. the luck we have. honestly. so then at 5 we go back to the train station...and wait...and eat mcd's fries good. it tasted like home...then just sat around being bored...reading, ipod, journaling, etc.

then at 10 we get on the train. and its packed. PACKED. PACKEDDDD. and we are sitting next to 2 men who are EVEN MORE CREEPY THAN HOTEL LEA MEN (one with 3 teeth, the other is fat and greasy like a child molester) and while im sleeping with one eye open, very fitful, dozing in and out, everytime i open my eyes, toothless is staring at me. i get really weirded out and as soon as a new spot opens, we move and sleep.

THEN, circa 4 am, the whole fanbase of the croatia soccer team climbs aboard, still celebrating their latest victory over austria the night before, SCREAMING and blowing HORNS. it is the MOST annoying shit i have ever had to endure in life and im so annoyed but put my ipod in and sleep kind of......but the SHOUTING AND HORN BLOWING continues. and ensues most of the early morning hours. akshdflasdhflkjdsaljkadjsl somewhere around 8 am i SNAPPED at them. and yelled right into their faces "I AM GOING TO STICK THAT HORN UP YOUR ASS!!!!!" monica looks at me with a horrified stare. they just laugh at me and say "you so cute when you mad bambina" then continue to blow the horns and mock me in croatian. assholes. (this is exactly the kind of thing i do that makes jeremy embarrassed and mad...he thinks i will get my ass kicked one of these days. whatever. whos going to hit a scrawny blonde?)

so when we get off the train and enter the train station, the croatians are STILL blowing said horns in my face. monica and i are livid. we take a taxi to our hotel, stuff our faces and CRASH for 4 hours. we got to check into our hotel right away because we had reservations for 2 nights, but lost 200 bucks while enduring the Awful Train Ride.

but we got up and went to the zoo!!! normally i am ethically opposed to zoos, but i went just this once because its the oldest in the world! isnt that crazy?? so cool! we were there for about 2 hours then i bought raspberries and we came straight to an internet cafe before i forgot all my stories.

now im going back to bed. so exhausted. but austria is gorg. so clean and beautiful! tomorrow we leave for hungary (budapest...its where monicas grandparents are from) for a whole week.

only 2 weeks from today until we come home (im so ready for t bell...note to my family members and jeremy: we are going STRAIGHT THERE FOR 3 NACHO CHEESE CHALUPAS AS SOON AS WE LEAVE THE YAKIMA AIRPORT-------NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!)

love and miss you all!


ps i have 4 mosquito bites on my face, one on my neck, and thousands elsewhere....

the zoo was so cool! but it was completely open! most of the animals were not in cages! it was frightening! at one point a peacock hopped right in front of me. amazing!

that hotel was the most American-like with a bigger shower and bigger beds. much more roomy! thank the lord!!!

Just hating my backpack in Vienna, Asutria

Taking a break from hiking at the zoo

Me and a Lemur in one of the open areas at the zoo

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