Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eurocrazy- Hungary

June 27, 2008

Hungary was fantastic!!! (we leave tomorrow for prague...our last stop) we were here for a little tooooo long (my opinion, monica wanted to stay longer! her grandparents are native to this land) but we had fun!

we started off by taking a city tour on a bus to see what we wanted to do. the guy had a lisp and a pot belly hahahahh. at the end, when everyone was getting off the bus we were all waiting in line to say goodbye to the tour guide, and i saw that everyone was shaking his hand. so when it was my turn to say goodbye i shook his hand. but he was annoyed. it was only when i walked away that i realized that the tour guide only shook hands with the people who tipped him. hahahah oops. i didn't tip him!

we learned on the tour that budapest is actually two different sections of a city. buda means WATER and is one side...pest means FIRE and is the other side. kinds cool. we went to 3 museums, boring. the first was sad, it was a nazi museum in the actual budapest headquarters...it was real creepy when we went down to the cells in the basement were thousands of people were imprisoned and murdered...eew. the second museum was a modern art one. it was weird to me. monica loved it. i laughed out loud when i saw a painting of just a boob. people scowled at me. whateverrrrr!! the third was the worst...a historical perspective of hungary. bulghhhh. and there was no air conditioning. we were there for like 45 minutes and HAD to leave.

then we went to these baths (they're like pools only with natural spring water) they are all over the city. we went to three different locations, and the last one was in an old palace which is now a hotel and is near 3 hospitals...the hospitals were built around the spring because of the supposed natural healing powers of the water. preatty neat!! but i don't care much for water, so i stuck my feet in and that's pretty much it. i guess if i get athletes foot, the natural healing power of the water will cute it. haha
we went to a hungarian market for souvenierrrrs and spent way too much money on piles of shit. THEN yesterday we went to a train station that resembles timesquare and there was a HGUE mall...it was great (except full of mariposa-type stores...needless to say the fashion isn't really up to par here...just today i saw a woman in such a short dress that her cheeks were literally hanging out (!!!!!) but it was a mall nonetheless...so we shopped and i got a one piece bathing suit...really cute but when i told jeremy he said "ew" like a typical man) THEN WE WENT TO A MOVIE IN ENGLISH!!!! we were so thrilled! and i was a bit feverish that day so i was really really tired. the movie was a perfect remedy. it was "made of honor" with patrick dempsey aka mcdreamy (monica hates greys anatomy. loser!!!) it was cutesy but kinda dumb. we didn't care, it was in english and we were relieved.
then last night we went to a DELISH retaurant (best food ever in euro by the way) best gnocchi in my LIFE with goat cheese and we got peach bellinis and then shared a bottle of cheap champagne and had hungarian cake and spent way too much money on food but we didn't care. we got a little tipsy and it was fun. we ended up going to bed at 2 am. it was a greatttt night. amazingly i didn't do anything too stupid in hungary.

prague tomorrow meaning one last email. SEE YOU THE 4th!

our apartment in hungary was ENORMOUS! it was really roomy. it even had a washing machine and dryer...excepet that it didn't work. and lord knows we SEROIUSLY needed to wash our clothes at this point. smelly dog clothes. so i washed them by hand with soap and water like a pilgrim. awwwwfulllllll
also, we watched a lot of VHI. it was in english, but it was the same show over and over and over: top 100 love songs from the 90's. you can only listen to michael bolton so many times without losing your mind...
some men's fashion shows were also on 24/7...weird!
when i say that gnocchi was the best ever in LIFE, i reallllly truly mean it. we ate there 3 times while we in hungary for a week. FABULOUSssssssss
we also walked all day to go to this water park. when we got there it was closed. go figure. so we ate at this really nasty little place with dirty napkins before we walked all the way home. bulghhh.
Monica with her weird art. hahahah

me in the natural healing water!

best. gnocchi. ever. in. life.

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