Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eurocrazy- London/Paris

the next set of blogs is going to be a bit of a time travel. you see, last summer Crazylegs and i toured Europe and we had a wonderful/terrible time. we were gone for 5 and a half weeks. 7 countries. 9 cities. 1 backpack each. and if you didn't know me or Crazylegs, we are not the type to travel lightly. wearing the same outfits over and over again was definitely NOT our idea of a good ol time. anyway, i wanted to dig back into my memory rolodex and share with you the e-mails i sent to family and friends when i was there. the original e-mails will be in black font, while my current commentary is in red. i hope you enjoy my adventures with Crazylegs. ciao!

June 2, 2008

hi!!!! we found an internet cafe in paris but the keyboard is reqlly different so hopefully you can figure out whar this email even says

we are having a lot of fun::: we got really tired and frustrated on our trek from london to ^ paris but the first thing ze saw qhen ze got off hte subway wqs the eiffel tower::: it waz really amazing!:: yesterday we went on a tour of the city then saw the eiffel tower light show at night: today we went to the louvre museum where aphrodite and the mona lisa reside:::i still cant figure outo why the ,ona lisa is the greatest painting in the zorld, it was small and she's kind of ugly: hahaha

everyone is pretty rude here; just like they say: we got called 'leetle bitches,' and most of the time as soon as we speak, people are snobby: our tour guide rolled his eyes when we told him we were going to disney in paris: but then he got nutella on his crisp white tshirt and i laughed he got really mad: jerk deserved it.

also last night (we are tryong to save money) we stole bread from our hotel: so gross: we zere afraid ze were going to get cqught: then we watched pirates of the cqribbean in french: it wasnt very good in french:

i reqlly like paris: except the crabby people: it kind of smells like pee here but it really is a bequtiful city:

tomorrow is disney:::::::!::

also i called sprint and they told me i cant text internationally. and before they told me i could. liars*::

and we have to cut our cannes trip short and booked a last minute hostel in venice on the night of the 10th becquse the train to venice fro,m cannes is 8 hours and we wouldnt hqve gotten there in time for the croaita boat if we left the 11th. monica is mad at ,e oops too bad

i ,iss you ill call when i can**

so,e days i want to co,e home but ,ostly im having fun!!:::

something you have to understand about me and monica (sorry, had to reveal your identity Crazylegs): we are the best of friends, but we are somehow able to piss each other off better than anyone else either of us knows. when we fight, ooooh, we fight. but we always make up. because that is what friends do.

that GOD FORSAKEN keyboard was literally impossible. the comma was where the "m" was supposed to be, the "q" was where the "a" was supposed to be, and i couldn't find the period or the exclamation point. it was so frustrating.

we ate a french restaurant that was supposed to be nice. 3 course meal. we didn't know what to order for dessert and the waiter suggested the strawberries. it was a bowl of jam. nasssssty. we called it STRAWBERRY SOUP! (our fave joke from the trip.)

something i forgot to include in my email: while on our tour of Paris, we were let off the bust at this little crowded market. there was an old woman in an apron standing on a wooden box bahh-ing like a goat. she was holding little toothpicks with cheese samples on them. Crazylegs and i live for cheese--especially the rare and delicious goat cheese. we got a sample from the old woman who bahh-ed in our faces some more. we were so excited about the sample. then as soon as it hit our tounges, we nearly spat it out. "ew," said Crazylegs, "it tastes like the inside of a goat." hahahahahha it was the most appalling cheese ever. and we had to endure the aftertaste in our mouths for the rest of the tour.

i also didn't describe our breif encounter with London. when our plane landed at Heathrow i had a MASSIVE panic attack. i was really lucky to have the seat next to me open (Crazylegs was in first class international, with a blanket and sleeping mask, dirty biotch). we landed and i turned on my phone and i freaked out because there wasn't any service. i started hyperventilating because i felt completely cut off from America. it was a scary feeling. anyway, i messed with the phone, and finally figured it out. i called JJ and started crying. i think i said, "i hate it here i want to come home." i'm such a big baby. this was all before i even got off the plane.

we were in London for a day and a half. saw Sex and the City (12 pounds for one ticket, meaning 24 dollars for a matinee! but totally worth it). my internal clock was all messed up and i wasn't hungry until after 24 hours of being there. our beds had dirty sheets so we slept on towels and i started to really regret taking the trip. Crazylegs went a bit crazy and said she might just stay in Europe after the trip instead of going home. she didn't. phew. the street fashion was phenom, and the red phone booths were a blast!

Classic London

Me and Mona. didn't know i had a bird living in my hair.

Sphinxy at the Louvre

Just being funny at the Louvre Museum

Being a hunchback at Notre Dame

Had to be cliche with The Eiffel Tower!

Me and Crazylegs where we tasted the inside of a goat


  1. you said sphinx like this


  2. i love vacations in twos. the pictures are always just a little more awk than normal because you have to take em by yourself or ask someone and they never get it quite right.

  3. hahahahahahaahahahha so true! the pictures are SO MUCH better when JJ was there...


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