Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eurocrazy- Paris/Cannes

June 6, 2008

yes found an internet cafe with normal keyboard. (by normal i mean american). we went to EURODISNEY (obvi) and it was awesome (obvi). little different, but overall really great. europeans don't understande the concept fo personal space though. and while in line for "Crush's Coaster" (not yet open in america!!!) a woman was practically licking my ears. i was extremely annoyed. and i got unexplainably agitated when buzz lightyear spoke french. but disney is so magical and wonderful no matter what!!!! :) just gotta hit up disney in asia and we'll have seen them all!
we travelled by train all day yesterday to cannes, on the french riviera. and we absolutely LOVE IT!!!! its so cute and quaint (and has wonderful shops!) we are still onle eating like bread cheese and water because we would rather spend $$ on clothes (another obvi) but its really not bad since we love bread and cheese and would be eating it if we were home anyway.

today we spent all morning on the beach it was glorious! and we were doused in spf 50. of course i didnt go in the water i hate going in the water. monica did. i fell asleep on my back and woke up facing two sets of naked boobies. YIKES. one oc them had abnormally large areolas. we got back to the apartment (which is a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room, adorable little place i would love to LIVE in) and i have terrible and uneven sunburns in my armpits and on my belly. from where i didnt quite rub the sunscreen in. idiot self.

but now i am sitting in an internet cafe in cannes wearing a GU bulldogs oversize tshirt and no bra because my burns hurt.

we went shopping today!!!! :):):):):) it was so much fun. i bought a pair of shorts, grabbed my normal size without trying them on. i got them home and they were about 2 whole sizes too small!! i was confused and checked the tag, it said "US size: 4" i returned them and got "US size: 8" and we all know that in america my skinny ass is never a size 8. monica was appalled. hahahah i think its funny.

also bought a fab leather jacket!

love and miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love L

i didn't say anything about the train station that was really close to our apartment in cannes. everytime a train would arrive, a melody would play throughout the entire station. we heard it about every 4 minutes the whole time and we had the melody stuck in our heads for days. still do it sometimes. bah nah dah dah dah dah!

we found a shop called bathroom graffiti full of wonderful little things and bought matching hello kitty beach towels which were our lifesavers for the entire trip. now its a bath towel for Cleo.

ps that leather jacket is amazing! i get compliments on it all the time. HINT: WHEN IN EUROPE, BUY A LEATHER JACKET!

Pirates of the Caribbean (and my favorite disney staple: green goofy sucker)

Tower of Terror: take a gander at the top left

Just gettin a classic disney photo. frenchie girl gettin in our way

Horrid sunburn but perf life

Beautiful Cannes!

BFFs and peach wine on the beach!

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