Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eurocrazy- Prague

July 2, 2008

Prague is quite the place! we are kind of sick of sightseeing so when we went to do that, we kind of just said here take a picture of me in front of this important building thing.
we went on a bike tour. (monica's idea. we got in a fight about it) and toured the city. it was ok, but bikes aren't my favorite. they suckkk. we had a nice time. came accross a statue fountain thing of a penis with water coming out if it. hilarious if you ask me!
the city center of prague is very american-like. lots of shops and restaurants and things and people and performers...just a lot to look at! we went into the most delicious candy shop! they made their own little fruity hard candies. soo yummy! and they had little pictures on them of the fruit they tasted like.
you wouldn't believe how dirty our clothes are at this point. we are sooo appalling. everything in our apartment is from ikea.
we went on a Pilsner beer factory tour. when we paid for our tickets, the lady asked if we wanted to pay an extra 10 to be able to take pictures. monica said NO right when i said YES. and i was like, well why not?? turns out you have to wear this embarrassing highlighter green sticker "somewhere visible" and i was the only one who had it. there were these 2 australian guys who were making fun if it the whole time. then the tour guide said something about it and the whole group laughed at me. i just said, "well i paid the extra 10 i'm gettin my moneys worth" and took a picture of everything. it was funny.
we went to a german-style restaurant where everyone sits at one long table and eats and drinks all together. i guess we came "late" about 8:30 and they were closing. they came up to our table and told us to leave in a rude tone. but it was fun. lots o beer drinking in prague!!!
anyway, see you all sooN!!!!!! :) it's back to london for one night then our trip is over! weird.
we come home so soon! i love prague but i am getting homesick!
love ya!!!
well we almost missed our flight to London because we are idiots. but we made it. barely. then we had to take an hour bus ride to our hotel. and when we got to our hotel (which was a place where my mom made reservations for us while we were on the trip. it was a disgusting place---like someone MAY have gotten murdered there. it had a picture of a teddy bear and a moon on the sign) but we were happy to be hearing english all around us again!!! :) we ordered pizza and macaroni and cheese from a delivery place and it was sooo expensive. we were soooo low on cash at that point but absolutely starving. so we gobbled that up and turned on the TV...and guess what was on? YES, GOSSIP GIRL. we were in complete heaven.
then, the next morning, i thought i had just enough change for my cab to the airport and it turns out i was 6 pounds (AKA 12 bucks) short! and it was all i had. i was so embarrassed but he was nice and just let me go. then i was homefree. just a long ass plane ride until america.
i got on the plane and was starving for personal contact from another human. (monica was on her way on a different flight) the people sitting next to me were a lesbian couple who were very into each other, not me. so i bought an english bridal magazine, read it 23 times, watched 4 movies and tried to sleep.
when i made it to detroit, quite appropriately, since it was the 4th of July, America's own independence day, i sauntered off arrogantly from the plane with a giant grin on my face. i literally sprinted to tbell. it was phenom!!!! best chalupas i ever had.
then i arrived in seattle. close. then yakima. and i rushed off the plane and there JJ was, waiting for me :)
the end.

anyway, overall it was a wonderful trip. when i got home i hated it with all my heart. but now that it is firmly 10 months behind me, i am able to look on it as a wonderfully enjoyable experience. something that was a once in a lifetime chance. monica and i had a wonderful time...and guess what? we are still the best of friends. GO TO EUROPE IF YOU GET THE CHANCE!

M on Bike

L on Bike
Graf Van!
the embarrassingly obnoxious green sticker.
Pilsner tour. camera on fire setting?
funny penis statue


  1. This blog was an amazing coincidence -- Papa and I just yesterday ordered a statue/fountain almost exactly like the one in your photo! It is going to look so great in our yard -- quite the conversation piece!

  2. hahahaha, i love that statue. hahahahahahahahaha, he's missing a ballsack though! darn! hahaha, I'm like a 12 year-old boy.


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