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Eurocrazy- Venice/Croatia

June 13, 2008

hiiiiiiiiiiii! i love and miss everyoneeee. i really am an american. a real american. i miss mother*$#%ing taco bell more than i miss chanel (but not really) ok i've really left you all here goes:
soooooo we took a 7 am train to venice and spent 12 hours on the train holy balls it was nuts (haha). anyway we got there and got lost trying to find our private hostel and we both wanted to die because the back/otherplaces sweat was seriously unbearable. so we walked like 25 miles following the woman who worked at the hostel and she was pissed because she had to walk and find us then walk us back...she was like xenon warrior princess. walked soooo fast!! after that, im actually quite convinced that i could run a marathon (if i wanted to...clearly i do not) anyway, we stayed one night in ven and then the next morning we went to get money and waited around the train station until JEREMY GOT IN! i was so excited to see him i almost peed myself. (actually i did pee myself. only a little tho)
we we all grab our shit (which weighs wayyy more than it did when we left. awful. just awful. im seriously hauling around a small midget...actually hauling around shaq in my backpack) and start our trek to the boat to rovinj, croatia. (there is only one way to get there. from this one boat. in venice. that leaves only on certain days. at certain times. so we COULDNT miss it) si we are walking and monica and i see a shoe sale. we stop. (huge angry sigh from jeremy) and all the shoes were my size because my feet are mini and havent grown since sixth grade. anyway i go to grab the shoe i want in my size and the worker woman starts screaming something in italian and starts clapping her hands in my face (monica said she was yelling something along the lines of "dont touch stupid" how nice) she got realllllllly mad, and when i finally bought the shoes (which were only 5 euro by the way...what a STEAL!!!) she threw them at me. literally threw them. i guess youre not supposed to touch things. oooopsies. se get to the croatia boat and wait until it comes...awful weather=bumpyass ride mon and i were seasick buhgllghlhhhhh but didnt barf thank god)
so we got off the boat feeling happy-go-lucky and looking for sanjins parents (sanjin is jeremys brother in law from rovinj, croatia...his sister sarah met him studying abroad in padova and his parents wanted to see us) well we got off the boat and jeremy was getting frustrated because he couldn't recognize anything. so he calls sanjin. ($1.99 per minute via my international blackberry) and he laughs his ass off because the boat make 2 stops. thats right. 2 stops. he tells jeremy to ask someone what city we are in and jeremy screams to a poor asian tourist and his wife out for a night stroll, "WHAT CITY ARE WE IN?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?" hahaha the man was scared to death and mumbled...."we are in porech." we are such idiots we went to the wrong city. so we take a 60 euro tazi to the right city, rovinj, and we met sanjins parents (mirela and dragon. that was his name. not a pet dragon) and sanjins best friend david (pronounced da-veed) at the cafe/bar david owns and got a horrible but free croatian shot of god knows what.
then david takes us to our apartment (which he also owns. 2 bedrooms, very clean, very nice!) and we hit the sack. the next day dragon picked us up and took us to their house for lunch. (tomato soup, salad, cheese, bread, some cool croatian dessert, and grappa, which is appalling alcohol and literally burns your pink throat tissue while going down the hatch.) so we eat lunch, meet sanjins sister, her husband and their daughter, then look at pictures from sarah and sanjins wedding (then laughed so hard we pee because jeremy was soooo fat!) then we coo over their kitties and leave. (jeremy tells us later that mirela takes the kittens that her cats have, puts them in a bag, and drowns them all. this clearly puts us in a depressing mood.) then we go back to the apartment (dragon takes us. doesnt speak a lick of english, just smiles. he has a figurine of a dodger player on his dashboard though, tres american) and we get ready to go to davids bar for the croatia vs germany soccer game (A HUGE DEAL) i get dressed and jeremy asks me 5 times "are you sure thats what you want to wear?" finally i snap and say, "for the love of christ jeremy just tell me you dont like my dress if you want me to wear something different!" (i had mentioned a long time ago to him that he has to make SURE that im wearing a good outfit when he proposes...hahahahah) so we head to cafe bar riviera for the game. and have a cronenburg beer and a sex-on-the-beach and jeremy is like "hurry and finish you stupid drink!!" i was like "sheesh. ok. ill suck it down i guess you just want to go." then monica says, "ok you guys im going to an internet cafe while youre out to dinner." then she disappears. (she knew the whole time what was going on."
THEN THE MOST MAGICAL THING EVER IN LIFE (besides the one time when i touched adam morrison's butt in the GU cafeteria) jeremy takes me down to this beautiful spot by the rocks and hte ocean...i mean this place is soooo picturesque...and he says, "lacie i love you so much..." then while i say "i love you too" i look out at the ocean, and when i turn back to say something to him, hes down on one knee and holding a little navy blue box which i know can only mean one thing!!! and he said "will you marry me?" and my mouth was huge and wide open and i screamed YES obvi and jumped into his arms!!! inside the box was the most beautiful ring i have ever seen. its gorgeous and vitage and soooo chic!!! and it was his grandmothers (she died a couple of years ago, he says that she and i are a lot alike) anyway all i can do is stare at the ring. it has 19 diamonds which equals 1.5 carats (OMG) and there are three clusters of diamonds and it sparkles like that part on the little mermaid where ariel comes out of the water in that fab know what im talking about?? anyway it sparkles so beautifully i cannot look away! it was so perfect!!!!! we kissed and took those clasic holding-the-camera-at-arms-length-from-our-faces pictures and then went back to meet monica. my cheeks hurt from smiling so much and i had tears in my eyes (not run down your face kind of tears, just watery eye tears) and then we all went to dinner and i got a bit tipsy. then called everyone (recall: $1.99 per minute). then we walked home and ran into crowds celebrating the croatia soccer win. then off to bed.
woke up, spent the day in rovinj, but it was raininggggg booo it has rained so much on this trip. then early at 7 am the nest morning we take the boat back to venice (we also thought we would get the apartment for free because of the connection, and we brought him chocolates and other various little gifts. but david charged us. damn. but he did give us a nice discount). then back to venice. we stayed really close to san marco square (you know...the one where the pigeons go crazy) and soent one last night there. i was so sad because i didnt want jer to go! we started calling eachother "fianceeeee" like that episode of seinfeld when elaine gets annoyed with the people who call eachother "fianceeeee"....) then jer leaves and monica and i get on a train to florence! (by the way, i wanted to buy another pair of shoes in venice, and my dumb self grabbed the display...again...and the lady got so mad. but i got mad right back and left without buying the shoes. stupid woman)
love youuuuu
i forgot to mention that when we first saw mirela and dragon, dragon hugged JJ and smiled and motioned with his hands a sort of santa claus belly. JJ was just like "i know. im fat." but hes not fat anymore, thats just how dragon remembered him from sarah and sanjins wedding. hahaha

the waiter in the restuarant where we went for dinner after the proposal was completely obsessed with me. he gave me (just me) free drinks and shots and kept winking at me. hahah hilar.
on the way home that night the croatians going nuts about winning the soccer game were screaming and running around. a group of them walked by us, and seeing my blonde hair say, "deutshland?!" at me. of course i dont know what the hell that means so i get excited and scream "YEAH! DEUTSCHLAND!" which of COURSE means "go germany!" and monica and JJ got really mad at me and scolded me for being dumb.

i bought this flute made out of wood in Croatia and reallllly loved to blow it to annoy JJ and Crazylegs. little did i know karma was about to hunt me down...stay tuned for the next blog.

the shower in our croatia apartment was so small. and there was this steam button. well when monica was taking a shower one evening, she locked herself in the bathroom. she freaked out and was pushing all these buttons and just being CRAZY! we heard her and let her out. then we went out for the evening and she accidentally left the steam button on. when we got back to the apartment, it looked like someone had been hot boxing it in the bathroom!!! hahahah
back in venice it was rainy rainy rainy so we hung out in the hotel for an afternoon. what was on TV? family guy! in italian! and lois, in her lois voice said, "mi dispiace meg..." and we all laughed because we just KNEW what she was saying..."im sorry meg..." it's a Family Guy Fans Only thing.

Croatia: BFFs of course my eyes are closed.

just annoyed with JJ

soon to be Hansens!

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