Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jackie Boy

there he is people. the greatest dog that ever lived. this photo was taken by me just a mere weeks before he passed. it has been the background of my phone for about 8 months. i just can't change it.

he is just so noble and majestic looking. wise and old. good boy.

Jack was a puppy when we brought him home. his mother was a golden retriever and his father a lab. we already had a black cocker spaniel Bo at home and the two became fast friends. partners in crime, if you will. Jack would knock the garbage can over and the two would demolish its contents. (the first time this garbage thing happened was also the first time my sisters CA and MM heard mom say The F Word)

Jack ripped up the sprinkler system, he brought Dead Bunny #2 back, and he would swim in the river, getting wet and dirty and muddy. he was a verrrry naughty puppy.

then one day he disappeared. just vanished. us kids were devastated. we made posters and put ads in the paper. no Jack. my mom always recalls thinking, "well i hope he's not dead in a ditch somewhere, but i'm really not that sad." she was glad to be rid of a bad dogg.

well a couple of years went by and Bo was back to being King Pig of the House, the lone ranger. one late spring evening our family went on a walk. as we were going, a giant fat fat yellow dog and another black and white dog came up to us and the yellow one jumped on us and was licking us and being very friendly. my sisters and i yelled "IT'S JACK! HE'S BACK!" but my parents deemed the thought impossible. nevertheless the two dogs followed us home. Bo King Pig of the House even let the yellow dog drink out if his water bowl. but not the other black and white dog. Bo King Pig of the House would growl and bark at the black and white dog. eventually he went home. the yellow dog would come when we would call "Jack" but my parents were skeptical. the yellow dog just....well....he just stayed and never left again.

after a few weeks of hanging around, we all finally agreed that he was Jack. what a story! puppy disappears for 2 years then returns! and the craziest thing? he was a very well behaved dog. it's like he went off to boot camp or something.

although he and Bo King Pig of the House did occasionally cause mom to use The F Word (i.e. garbage can surfing). Jack also loved to help himself to anything in reach on the kitchen counter. He ate a few birthday cakes which i assume he regretted from the nasty gas coming out from his behind each time. his farts were silent and deadly.

he also never ever pooped in the house unless he was desperate. and even so, we would make the nicest neatest piles of shit you have ever seen in life. in corners. it was like he had to climb up the wall to get them in just the right spot. and when dad would get home and call Jack into the room with the poop in a stern voice, Jack would not ever come. he would turn and walk the other way with his tail between his legs. we all couldn't help but laugh.

and every school day at promptly 3:30, Jack would be sitting at the end of the road waiting for us to get off the bus. a couple of times he even got on the bus. and he would walk with us home, until he hit the driveway, then he would sprint on down. sometimes Bo King Pig of the House would join him, but we could count on Jack being there every single day, monday through friday.

he also became my mom's running buddy. he loved to run! and my mom loved to run with him. he would go for miles with her.

i also ran over poor Jack once. his leg. and a patch of fur stuck to the pavement. he was bald there for the rest of his life. sorry buddy.

he lived a good long life, and he was a good friend. he loved sleepovers and cake. laying in the sun and running. eating garbage and swimming in the river. and we loved him.

R.I.P Jackie Boy.


  1. OK, Lacie Beth. Good effort, but you got the story wrong. I guess the most important part is correct--he was gone 2 1/2 years. Left a naughty teenager, and came back a loveable, FAT FAT FAT, well-behaved dog. Thanks are due to whomever had him! You are exaggerating about your mother's language--you make me sound like a sailor!! Good grief. Oh, Jack...I miss him. You brought a tear to my eye. I too, have him on my phone's screen saver thanks to MM. I'd love to put this one on my computer, but alas, I'm too dumb. xoxo

  2. Hey, whaddya know...I did it! And it only took a minute. So proud.

  3. Yeah you got that coming home story WAY wrong. Anna actually found him! We were headed to the Country Club or softball practice i think...

  4. god sometimes i just think my mind makes up stories....then i end up believing them. wtf?!?!!?!?! i lose.

  5. You're all wrong you idiots! We got home one day and Jack and the mystery dog were there at our house. Mom called dad and said she thought Jack had come home, so dad rushed home and called Jack. Jack always busted toward dad every time he called, so this was a sure test: if he trotted to dad, it couldn't be Jack, if he sprinted, it was him for sure. He sprinted, that's how we knew. I swear, I'm the only one with a memory in this family. Oh and btw, my fav pic of Jack is the one on my computer, Jack in mid dump position. hahaha.

  6. OK.....For ONCE, I'm the only one who remembers the way it really happened. First of all, Lacie, you were partly right. One time before the LONG ABSENSE, Jack disappeared for a couple days. One evening when we were out for a walk, all of a sudden, there he was walking home with us. He had been hanging out over on Nagler. Fast forward 2 1/2 years. Jack was a goner as far as we all knew. We were home getting ready to take Meggie and Anna to horse camp one morning. Running late, as usual. I sent you guys outside to load the car and be ready to go. That's when Jack and that other dog just showed up in the driveway. Bo was nice to Jack (but not the other dog) and let him drink out of his bowl, so you guys suspected it was Jack. As we were leaving for horse camp, I phoned Dad and told him you guys thought Jack was in our driveway. He came home, decided it was him, and called and told us the good news. THERE!

  7. I said that it was me and Anna!!! I just had where we were going wrong!!

  8. I knew dad was the one who decided it was Jack! My story was basically right, just worded differently. Hey I remembered how to get us back from getting lost during sock shopping in Boston at age 9, I think I'd remember how Jack came home! I was right then, I am right now! :)


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