Saturday, April 25, 2009

the things she carried

ever have just a favorite party accessory? or maybe just a favorite accessory of life? well, that would be My Backpack. she was faithful that old thing. she was always filled with wonderful things. but sometimes she was filled with nasty things. either way, she was always there for me. through thick and thin. through wine and beer. through laughs and tears.

she was pink, black and grey, Dakine brand, with netting pockets on the outsides and a buckle across the boobies. and she was a mini backpack. perfect for the little things.

My Backpack Staples:

1. Party Cam (aka camera with pink rhinestones around the screen ((now in the care of Sam)) i earned junior year in college by cleaning the garage with my dad. bullghhh)

2. I.D.

3. snack (i.e. cheese crackers, lollipops, heck sometimes a cheese sandwich if it was going to be a long night)

4. lip gloss

5. Crazylegs' I.D.

6. cash (usually amounting to 5 dollars or less)

7. sand (she came to hawaii with me a couple of times)

8. good spritis

9. a cap to a bottle from the first 6 pack of hornsbys that Crazylegs and i shared together. i'm not sure why i kept that...

10. blistex chapstick in fruit expressions- mixed berry

11. kotex regular tampon (ya never know)

12. phone

mostly she was a party pal. in this picture (with KKiss. nevermind the word "LOST" written on my chest. that's a different story for a different day), she stood by me when i stole a giant slab of marble from a frat in the pullminican republic; it was the marker to hole 18 from some unnamed golf course. i woke up wondering how the hell i even got it in My Backpack. she was somewhat magic i think, akin to Mary Poppins' bag. anyway, i never returned the marble slab, and it became quite a nice shoemat for Sam's winter boots.

but other times she would be my trusty class friend; carrying a Bronte novel, a notebook, a few scarier times she would carry that damn 68 pound science book. she even carried my ballet, tap and jazz shoes for dance class. she was with me when i got my student I.D. card photo taken (see below)

this night. oooh this was a night to remember. 40s night. and i don't mean the era. My Backpack held orange juice to put in the 40s. that's Crazylegs, me, Juelz Santana and friend Meg. it was April 20 2007.

And who could forget AROUND THE WORLD?! the seniors in orange and My Backpack had a croissant in it. and a hot pink shot glass. Crazylegs, Juelz Santana, KBarth, me and The Black Dahlia.

this was the night The Black Dahlia decided to go out wearing a red Marlboro sweatshirt and sweatpants. and Crazylegs carried around a travel coffee mug all night. in My Backpack: pink nalgene bottle (filled with sparks) with my name and a Cinderella sticker on it.

you see, My Backpack isn't just a backpack. she is reliable, sturdy and magicked. she is brave and wise. she kept me together even through the craziest of college memories. she's been to europe, dsineyland, hawaii, costa rica and idaho.

and she's always got my back.


  1. i had to return that slap to ice house. devastating. we had some good times with that backpack.

  2. I knew you loved that backpack, but had NO IDEA what a big part of your life it was!


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