Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California's full of whiskey, women and gold!

that was the theme song for this last weekend. thank GOD for country music. it was my first of two wedding showers (lucky girl), this one being thrown by JJ's sisters E, S and C in LA, where JJ is from.

we landed in Burbank on Friday night, changed into our Dodger jerseys in the car (yips) and went straight to the game. got home at 11:30, shoved some leftovers down the hatch and went to bed.

woke up at 8 am to the delightful sounds of a happy child, our niece Natalie. "good morning, sweetheart," i said. "i'm not sweetheart, i'm Natalie Jane Campbell," she said.

ate breakfast, took a shower (shocking, yes?) then i went shopping at the outlet mall with JJ's sister E, spent money (surprise surprise) then went to church and out to dinner with JJ's family.

the next morning Sunday, was my shower! yes! of course we were running 20 minutes late, JJ's mom Anne forgot the cakes, and we almost ran out of gas. ha ha.

the shower was BEAUTIFUL complete with infinite mimosas, lovely gifts, and my Mom and sister M, who made the trip especially for me. JJ's sister C and i toasted to "California's full of whiskey, women and gold. Thank God." i ended up having a bit o fun with the mimosas, and Anne drove C and i in her minivan down to Hermosa Beach to meet JJ's brother R for a bit of bar crawling. what FUN! when Anne picked me up in the minivan i was struggling in my heels, my jacket was falling out of purse and i was giggling profusely. she took my back to meet JJ and i changed into: saggy smelly pink sweatpants, men's size large t-shirt with the words "this guy loves obama" printed across the front, and a feathery headband left over from my shower outfit. what a glorious sight.

then JJ's dad Ron drove us to the airport and i went into the Hudson News store (you know exactly what store it is) and bought a Big Grab bag of cool ranch Doritos and a light pink hashmina. just please. someone punch me. i didn't realize how many mimosas i had until i realized i was sitting on the dirty dirty airport floor talking to Crazylegs on the phone and my view staring straight up was JJ's nose canal. fits of giggles and we were on the plane. JJ's seat was 5 rows ahead of mine, and i whined. i think he was annoyed with me because i had a seat open next to me and he didn't move. ha ha. GOD BLESS CALI.


  1. I wanna be a cowboy! I wanna learn to rope and ride. Do you have a Dodgers jersey? Sounds like a wonderful family you're hitchin' into. I hope they don't think they have a sot on their hands.

  2. of course i have a dodger jersey. that's what JJ bought me for our engagement.


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