Thursday, May 21, 2009

chocolate poop.

it was just one of those nights where you just want to hang out in/around/on your bed. like you make your bed into this little hub that could support your existence for about 4 days before death. i had popcorn, candy, water, some magazines, my computer, my phone, a couple packs of lifesavers and books. we hung out in the Bed Hub from 7 pm until sleep. i was watching desperate housewives/obsessively following heidi and spencer on twitter (i know, i know) on my computer, JJ had the dodger game on his computer and the laker game on the tv. it was quite hectic, a lot going on. Cleo was bouncing around and Chanel was just being whorish. 

all of a sudden JJ screams, "YOUR DOG SHIT ON THE BED" (it's always "your dog" when she's done something naughty.) i said, "she has never shit on the bed ever in life. it cannot be shit." JJ says, "oh no, it is definitely shit."

upon closer inspection, i see chocolate coating on the corners of JJ's mouth. "JJ did you have an oreo weight watchers ice cream bar?" (they are seriously so good we buy the big pack from costco) JJ says, "yes why?" 

i go to the incriminating "poop stain" and give it one sniff before i declare, "that is oreo weight watcher ice cream bar on the bed, not shit. you dumbass."

"oh." he says. 

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