Monday, May 11, 2009

The Sneaky Peacock Earrings

ok. so this is a weird one. but it's so weird that it's comical and crazy.

when i was a senior in high school i bought these awesome peacock feather earrings. i always loved peacock Uncle Steve makes fishing flies and he always had a peacock feather or two just hangin around his workspace. i just think that kind of bird is so majestic and beautiful. so when i found these earrings, i bought them immediately and they were my instant faves!

freshman year in college: wore the earrings frequently, and loved them.

sophomore year in college: Rah asked to borrow my favorite earrings, and i let her. i was nice. next morning: note on my desk next to one of my favorite earrings, and next to that, a new set of peacock earrings and a feather pen. Rah had partied too hard and as a result, had lost one of my beloved peacock earrings. but it was ok because she got me a new pair.

end of sophomore year in college: while actually wearing new set of peacock earrings, it is brought to my attention that one of them is missing. i have only one peacock earring my ear. like a pirate. but by this time, peacock earrings were all the rage. so i just bought a new pair.

junior year: realized that in the move to my new apartment from my dorm, i lost one of the new new peacock earrings. so here i am with 3 single peacock earrings, none of which matches another. stupid.

(take a year off the peacock earrings)

summer after junior year: bought a swimsuit. the bottoms have a picture of a peacock feather on them. the top is just brown. so what do i do? go into my stock pile of peacock earrings, pick one, and attatch it to the brown swimsuit top. totally chic.

senior year: buy yet another pair

today: still have that pair

last week: passed on the peacock love to my future SIL Claude for her college graduation. i told her that peacock earrings are my go-to accessory. (even if they are tricky dicks and disappear).

what have YOU bought and lost and bought and lost and bought and lost??


  1. I have lost a ring mom gave charlie which I stole a few times and found it. I recently found it in a ring box under my guest bed. I like keeping "under the bed" dirty. that way, it's like a treasure chest and you never know what you're gonna pull out. I pulled out a fork once. haha, but yes, currently the opal ring i stole from charlie ann is resting on my fat-dad-like right ring finger.

  2. Years and years ago Papa bought me a one carat heart-shaped diamond on a gold chain. I wore it around my neck always. But one day I had to go work in Seattle, it was a long day and I stopped by a party Papa's work was having and everyone was dressed in cowboy clothes and I had on a dumb gray suit, and they were 3 sheets to the wind and I was cold sober and tired, so I left in a snit and went to my office in the Highways/Licenses building to drop off my briefcase. As I was getting out of my car (a very snazzy Z) I felt a snag and a pull, ignored the signal, dropped off my stuff and went home to bed. The next morning, you know it, no diamond. We searched my car, I went into the parking garage and found the chain in pieces, no diamond, went home and a very angry Papa pulled apart my car, even took out the seats, no diamond. Needless to say in was a chilly weekend. On Monday I said a fervent prayer to St. Anthony,finder of lost things, and went to my car. I stuck my index finger in the rail of the seat and lo and behold I found the diamond! So I got a heavier chain. About 10 years later I was working in an office downtown upstairs from a very fun and wild resturaunt. Again on a Friday night I came home to find that the diamond was no longer around my neck. I went back down to the office and looked there and in the parking lot, no diamond. So the next morning I said anothr prayer to St. Anthony and went back downtown to the parking lot. Lo and behold, I saw the chain, in small parts and the setting that held the diamond, but no diamond until I pleaded and pleaded to St. Anthony, the sun came out and a sudden sparkle led me to the diamond! Amazing. I hardly wear it now as I am afraid to do so....

  3. As a boy, I couldn't keep a winter jacket in my possession. Nowadays, I sometimes have issues with sunglasses. Case in point: bought a natty pair of smoke-green translucent Oakleys last year before our annual trip to Spooh Chuck/Wallowa Lake. Second day there, I got Jack and a friend to row out with me a couple hundred feet from shore and jump into the lake and swim back. When they faultered/kvetched, Coors-Light-come-Pims-Cup-Eric jumped in to suffer with them and prod them on. $220 sunglasses plop into the clear, blue-green abyss. C'est la vie. "Arrevoir and adeiu kickin' shades! Now get your asses a paddlin' and movin' boys! I have to find my back-up VonZipper PapaGs!" Footnote: this pair of specs seem to have evaded the black hole of sunglasshood, so I've upgraded them w/ polarized brown glass lenses from the factory. Tres chic. Tess is even worse w/ losing blinkers. As soon as we buy her a pair, they're lost in the first sunny weekend after. Arrgh! Poor girl is now relegated to <$30 pairs. Ticky fuckin' tacky. Arrgh!


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