Saturday, May 9, 2009

cinco de boring adult life

my facebook status on May 5, 2009 read: "it's cinco de mayo and i have no plans. either i am officially an adult or officially a loser. god dammit i miss college."

cinco de mayo is again, one of those college holidays that those of us in "Our Freshman Year Of Life" (i.e. first year out of college) truly missed in 2009. unless of course, you said "to hell with it" and partied like lindsay lohan (minus the coke i hope) this year. i for one, miss the days of dancing around in a bikini and a sombrero drinking margaritas til i puke. i just sigh in memory and appreciation of those fairer days...flashback to last year: Crazylegs and i in our matching "De Leons" (authentic mexican burrito joint/mexican grocery market in spokane) t-shirts and Mexico headwraps. scream-singing "TORTILLA TORTILLA FOR MAMA, TORTILLA TORTILLA FOR PAPA, TORTILLA TORTILLA FOR BROTHER, TORTILLA TORTILLA FOR ME!!!" (if you don't know this song, shame on you) bottom line: it was a great night. (in picture: me and Juelz Santana)
flashforward to this year:
9 PM sitting at Rah and Nebular's house in sweatpants and uggs, drinking homemade sangria. we were just getting around to eating the alcohol-infused fruit when, at 9:13 PM JJ whines, "i'm sick, we have to go home." so i spent my cinco de mayo halfway tipsy and pouting in bed at 9:30.

so you tell me: what's the point of cinco de mayo if ya can't dance around in a bkini and sombrero, drinking margaritas til you puke??


  1. my life sucks worse. i took an IP final on cinco de mayo this is the only song i was singing: "Strong Dogs Probably Like Acting Faithfully Quite Sophisticated" which was a pneumonic for the factors used to determine point of sale confusion in trademarks. lame.

  2. Stephanie!!! What language are you speaking?!?!

  3. it's a mnemonic device loser. not like pneumonia. hey, i'm the smarter one on this one!


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