Saturday, June 27, 2009

becoming a woman

disclaimer: MEN, this blog may make you feel uncomfortable.

i will never forget the time Brean Mills started her period in the 8th grade. LJ, KitKat and i were in LJ's mom's white jeep, at the stoplight by the 7-11. we told LJ's mother the "big news" and she bursted into tears. we were all concerned, "what's wrong Leanne?" "you girls are just growing up so fast! you're becoming women." we giggled in the backseat, oblivious to how that moment would remain with all of us--including Brean--forever. (Brean is also currently pregnant, and when Leanne saw her at my wedding shower, she almost cried again! LJ said, "Brean's always the first, i guess").

we were all well rehearsed on the ways of "becoming a woman." we would get cramps, have to deal with the horrors of night pads, find the brand of tampon that would become our favorite, headaches, fatigue, backaches, PMS, etc.

it was nothing to look forward to. however, i was a late bloomer, so when Aunt Flow finally came to my toilet, i was delighted. "YES!" i screamed, "i'm a woman!" and ran around the house doing a victory dance. of course now i now how horrid periods are. (i know i know mom, without them we wouldn't be able to experience "the gift of life" aka babies)

well, my period got the best of me last week, and i totally became Leanne. Sam called me and told me about her new boyfriend, and i started weeping. real weeping. tears rolling down my cheeks. i was so happy for her. i even had to get a tissue. i felt like such an idiot.

am i getting old?


  1. Ahahahahah!!!! at least you didn't make your roommate go get icecream so you could have a gigantic brownie sundae. Apparently Sam and I crave chocolate when we're menstrual.

  2. hahahahah SHUT UP! i didn't think you actually cried. who are you???

  3. Still haven't started. And I had my physical yesterday. And you know how mom takes us to the pediatric one instead of the normal one that EVERYONE goes to and the worst thing you have to do is pee in a cup!?!?!?! Well Julie, the Asian pediatrician, does my check up each time. And every time she makes me pull down my panties so she can check out my bidness. And I told her I had not started (she was shocked) and she told me sometimes it's because some girls' bidness is "Sealed" then she said, but yours is nice and loose. I WAS SO EMBARRASSED! God I had physicals.

  4. ewwwwwwwww MARYYYYY haahahahaaah

  5. *I meant to say god a hate physicals


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