Monday, June 8, 2009


until today, the economy hasn't really affected my life. sure, the $3.00 i had in my retirement fund is gone, but hey, i'm not cryin. i work two jobs: one for a non-profit organization, and they haven't even made one lay-off or wage-cut; and the other for a lovely family, who pays me with cash and personal tax! so i'm sittin pretty. i'm even bringing home the bacon in my household, because it's no longer hockey season for JJ. pat myself on the back for that one! no matter where we are in 10 years, i will always be able to say "hey, remember that time when we were just starting out in our mobile home* and i was the money maker?"

*mobile home: that's what i call our cottage now. when we were first moving in, my dad pulled up in our driveway and said "you live in a mobile home, L!" and i glared at him and said, "get out. you are not welcome in my house." now i have eased up and it's become a little joke. the cottage is longish, and shaped much like a mobile home, but it has a "garagette" attatched and we even have one strip of grass. so it's not really a mobile home, but it is just a bit funny to us to call it the mobile home now.

anyway, back to the economy. the retirement community is trying to cut costs (i.e. no personal e-mails, no personal use of printer ink, etc.) but now they are taking it a few steps further. so the first thing they did was take away the styrafoam cups, which i totally agreed with. but now there is now a shelf in the employee break room with everyone's own personal cup. and they don't get washed ever. so it's just a bunch of mouth germs flying around in there. barrrffff. (you act like i have a cup in there. NOT NOW. NOT EVER.)

the next thing work did was cancel out employee use of the milk machine in the employee break room. no big deal. i hate milk.

the next thing they did was break my heart. they discontinued employee use of BOTH the popcorn and the fro yo machine. AHHHHHHHHRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH i'm soooooo sad. i look forward to my bag o popcorn every monday morning at 9:30, it's the highlight of my day! and i feel that since i don't eat my "free employee meal" at work everyday, that i should be entitled to free popcorn for life. for life.

the economy has finally affected me in a very negative way, and i am not happy about it. not happy at all.


  1. Frozen yogurt, right?
    Off the books is not necessarily a good thing for you LL.
    These are tough times to be sure. Hang in there mahn, the Caribbean is weeks away mahn. Dark and Stormies or Majitos down by the azure blue ocean mahn. Ahhh. Good book, good company, natty bathing wear. Right round the corner mahn. I still owe Tess a honeymoon if you want to talk about lame wage earning. Good to see you all. See you again soon. Tess and Ruth had a blast. Great setting. BTW - I have lived in an old, old mobile home w/ mice in the walls and mildew in unseen places. I had my discman on alot. E.

  2. discman. haaaaaaaahahahahahahahah!!!!!

    so glad tessa and ruth had fun...take her on a honeymoon. nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!! poooooooor tessa.

  3. you can retract your verbal bashing of me for calling it a mobile home now. thanks. this recession is a buzz kill, i'm so poor and embarrassingly cheap now. they should have eliminated the lunch or just limited consumption of popcorn and fro yo. i'm sure the fat lady wearing sweats to work is attempting to stick it to the man by eating more than her fair share of that delicious dessert.


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