Tuesday, June 2, 2009


i came into work today wearing what i call slack-jeans. basically denim, but really dark and with a thicker waistband. they fit like a pair of slacks and look like a pair of slacks. well, today, my boss decides to say "are those jeans?" i say, "they are slack-jeans." she says, "that is borderline." i say "oh," while i am staring at her too-short cap sleeved T-SHIRT, black jeans and platform sandals circa 1999.

then i sit back down at my desk and start getting all huffy. yes, i am technically wearing jeans (-ish), yes it was my own fault for coming into work wearing them, but i mean, the nurses get to wear scrubs, the maintenance men get to wear blue dickies, AND THE OTHER FAT RECEPTIONISTS GET TO WEAR SWEATPANTS. what the shiz? totally not ok OR fair. but my boss can't say anything to them, because they are fat. fat people receive a "get out of jail free" card for every wardrobe situation. flashback to May 2004. senior in high school. i was wearing an adorable abercrombie pink flouncy skirt....and got called to the principal's office and was sent home to change because it was too short. THE NEXT DAY: Big Girl wearing SAME skirt. nothing is said. she wears skirt all day. you want to know why? because nobody wants to make the Big Girl cry.

back to present day: even if i was wearing blue jeans and a simple white tee to work, i would still trump these fools. dressing "nice" for work has become something completely distorted. any pair of pants that aren't jeans are "ok," and t-shirts are apparently just fine. what ever happened to a nice pair of slacks, a button down and a tie for men?? (JJ still does this and so does my dad, and the CEO of the company i work for) and LORD IN HEAVEN what EVER HAPPENED to the pencil skirt??? huh? huh? i wear them to work all the time, and i look extremely overdressed. so to tone it down, i wear slack-jeans. oh, sorry it didn't meet your "dress horrible at work" standards. where i can i buy the same pants you're wearing? no really, where would i find a pair of hideous high waisted, too-short black jeans? because apparently denim is fine if it's black.

jeans aren't ok to wear to work, even if they are slack-jeans. it was my mistake to wear them. but that's not my point. i deserved to get in trouble for wearing slack-jeans. i am just frustrated that the other receptionists wear sweatpants, a t-shirt and crocs (NOT EVEN JOKING) to work and no one bats an eyelash.

the residents like my clothes. they are always commenting on the way i dress. marilyn in 707 came to my desk just today and said "you are so much nicer to look at than the other receptionists." if rules are to be enforced, then they should be enforced on everyone, fat favoritism is getting old.

when have you gotten in trouble for your wardrobe?


  1. What does "fat Mimi" say to this blog? I am sure that your boss is jealous, I am too, you look way too cute! When I talked with you just a few minutes ago I lied about the dress I bought. I tried the black dress on, thought it was boring. So I went into a little shop in Tacoma Mall and found a Tricout knit dress, white, with pink spangles. PERFECT! I WILL be the talk of the wedding!

  2. hahaha mimi makes me laugh!

    i totally agree with you on this! fat people get a free pass, and since when did black jeans become not jeans?? sooooo annoyal. i got in trouble for open toed shoes and no nylons when the chick next to me was in too short, too tight brown pants, black boots (i knoW!) and sleeveless shirts with a nasty pony tail every day! wtf??

  3. you know, i think the problem is that some individuals don't discern nice denim from "jeans". I mean really, the times have changed. Designer denim is all the rage, your 'work pants' from 2001 that you got for $16.99 at rave (or the gap - on sale), are not.

    i was once fired from a job for wearing a sweater that was "too revealing" (what does that even mean? yeah, it was sheer, but i wore a tee under it). now i write resumes, and give people advice on what to wear to their interviews. psssssh

  4. LOLOL

    stick it to the man!!!!


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