Monday, June 15, 2009

last. night. out. butnotreally.

my bachelorette party: The Edited, Family-kindof-Friendly Version:

on friday i worked my nanny job and the mom gave me The Best Gift Ever: a miniature videocamera! we documented the entire weekend, and sorry to burst your bubble but we will NEVER post them on youtube. 

so friday around 4 Rah and i drove to Whistlin Jack Lodge and met Sam, LJ, KKiss and KitKat for a weekend of pure bliss.

we checked into our cabin, unloaded the penis-themed things. and got crackin on a 30 bomb of good ol American BUSCH LIGHT. the night ended well. we stayed in and chilled in the hottub (pun intended) and we drank all day, drank all night, drank til the morning light. 

the next day at 9 am we sunbathed in a meadow and dipped our toes in the river and drank peach bellinis with strawberries! 

then it poured rain and we went inside and just had a great day boozin and chattin it up.

then i crashed for 2 hours to regain my strength for the evening festivities. 

that night we went to a fancy dinner and everyone paid for me which was great. then we went to the bar. it was quite the establishment, let me tell you. deer head on wall. cowboys in bar. guitarist/singer with blonde mullet, hostess from dinner dancin like a ho, etc. etc. we did fun things at the bar. . . and i had to do certain things on a list such as: i danced with an old man who looked like JJ's dad, i got a piggyback ride from a guy wearing an ankle bracelet, got said ankle bracelet-wearing man to moon my bachelorette party and we all discovered he just had to shave his ass because no one's ass is that smooth,....and some other fun (appropriate but not for the worldwide web to know) things. 

we got home from the bar and i may or may not have run around the cabin naked. 

we declared tequila a legit drug.

the next morning we arose and said our goodbyes, but not before LJ spilled a shaken 7up in KKiss' car. KitKat puked on her own shoe and i had to stop at the Super1 in ellensburg to poo. 

it was an awesome weekend. 

1 comment:

  1. we should probably have a reality show.

    "You guys look like aliens"

    "Its fake barf you guys"

    "She looks like ET"

    we're awesome. BEST weekend EVER. yearly trip? yes i think so. LOVES


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