Monday, June 22, 2009


all my blogs are about my dog. does that make me a loser?

so this whole time whenever anyone asks if i am stressed about the wedding i'm like "no. my mom does everything. it's great." WELL NOW IT'S CRUNCH TIME. 26 days. i make phone calls on my lunch break like a loony and i'm rushing around trying to get things done. it's like as soon as i finish one thing, i remember that i have to do another. and me and JJ have to go to idaho (ew) to get our marriage license, so our "seal it with a kiss and a bishop" is legit.

anyway, my most current (and prideworthy) project had to do with sparkles and rubber cement. (the greatest thing about rubber cement: if it gets stuck on your fingers, you just roll it off and it looks like a booger!) and i'm not talking about big, round thick craft sparkles that you used in kindergarten to make a Valentine for Jeremy Harvey. i'm talking about Martha Stewart, $10 per can, fine grain sparkles. this shiz is finer than sugar. needless to say, i have had sparkles in my eyes, sparkles in my hair, sparkles in my ears, basically everywhere covering my entire body. i looked like a teenager in my L.E.I jeans and unionbay t-shirt, ready to rock out to YMCA at the 8th grade school dance. sparkles are so not cool to have on your face/chest anymore. (note: glimmer and/or shimmer is still OK).

everywhere in our M.H. there is a thin layer of Martha Stewart Sugar Sparkles. i. mean. everywhere. and after i was finished with my project, JJ and i carried the finished product into the spare bedroom (which we have dubbed The Wedding Room. it is filled with all things wedding), thus trailing another layer of thin Martha Stewart Sugar Sparkles. The Wedding Room door is to be shut at all times. ALL TIMES. i have to remind JJ of this every time i leave the house. because, i swear to Jesus, if Cleo gets in there and ruins ANYTHING WEDDING, so help me i will take her to the pound, never to return. so far so good. knock on wood for my sanity please.

well, i finally got around to vacuuming the sparkles just last night, a mere 5 days after i finished the project. (i worked a 60-hour week last week) then this morning, when i took Cleo out for her morning dump..........what does she poo? NONE OTHER THAN THE MARTHA STEWART SUGAR SPARKLES! i mean it's the prettiest shit i have ever seen. i almost just want to leave it for our landlord to see. maybe i will.

also, the M.H. is still sparkling. i hope the M.H. might always have a sheen of Martha Stewart Sugar Sparkle, even after we are long gone.

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