Saturday, June 27, 2009


so last year (when i say "last year" i mean senior year in hurts to say "2 years ago" i hate that college is getting further away) JJ, Nebular, Rah and i decided to go ice skating. we arrived downtown, clad in scarves and mittens and hats, and there is a line out the door. impatience got the best of my comrades, so we bagged the whole idea. i was pouting like mad because i wanted to wait in line and go, so JJ and Nebular suggested dinner. at this bar/grill in Spoke called Steelhead. it's winter! so what do i order? a mai tai. duh. THEY ARE THE BEST MAI TAIS EVER (chill out MIMI, the ones from Buzz's ((restuarant in Hawaii)) are kick-ass. and i mean that literally. you can only have one without passing out) no one else orders a drink. losers. then i order bleu cheese french fries. let me tell you, bleu cheese french fries and mai tais does not equal anything good.

that was the first night JJ witnessed what things like mai tais and bleu cheese fries do to my stomach. and i was so embarrassed because JJ shared a bathroom with his friend/roommate P Lou.


yesterday who came into town? none other than P Lou himself. it was his birthday, so we all went out to celebrate. where do they choose to go? EFFING STEELHEAD. and i mean, you can't go there and NOT order a mai tai. so i ordered 2.

then Rah and i split an order of the salmon artichoke jalepeno dip.

and since it was P Lou's birthday, Rah and i took a blow job shot with him as well.

lets just say i was 15 minutes late to work this morning.

damn you, steelhead!


  1. hahaha i remember the original steelhead incident. you called me on the phone while in the b-room whispering about the bleu cheese fries and the resulting BIG D.

  2. MORTIFIED. and that's all anyone talked about last night at dinner. gahhhhh


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