Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"swimsuit season"

So for Easter we always get a swimsuit. (just for the record, i hate the word "bathingsuit" it's so gross. like, you don't bathe in it, you swim in it) Well since JJ is (not legit yet) in the family now, he got one too. After he opened the swimsuit i said "perf! for the honeymoon! try it on!" and my (seriously menstrual old woman) fiance says, "my body is not quite ready for swimsuit season." of course this statement gives me a lifetime's worth of jokes, so i die laughing.

he has been working out incredibly hard and very dilligently, i have been quite impressed. all winter he has been wearing a size 36 (winter bear fat, you know), and Easter Swimsuit is a size 34. well, these past few months i have been ordering VS swimsuits like they're free. i want a different new swimsuit for morning and afternoon for each of the 8 days we are cruising. obviously this isn't happening, but basically i'm using a separate suitcase for the suits. Well, as the swimsuits ordered on have been arriving, i have been trying them on and asking JJ's opinion. some he likes, some he hates, but i don't really listen to him because he knows nothing of fashion. for instance, he seriously recoiled like a snake when i asked him his opinion on my adorable Elizabeth Hurley coral, almost backless once-piece from Europe. i (kindly) reminded him that someday, after i have had children and get fat, a one-piece may be my only option. he shuddered and looked away from me. what a gem.

so since i have been trying on MY swimsuits, JJ decided he was in the mood/"ready for swimsuit season" to try on his suit last night. he goes in the other room to do it, and i cannot describe his response any other way than squealing. SQUEALING. he was so thrilled to fit into his swimsuit. he started bolting about the house (most severe case of undiagnosed/untreated A.D.D. ever in life) because he is so excited. then he stands in front of the mirror for about 20 minutes staring at himself. and he is especially excited because it's a size 34. he was very proud of himself.

well today i was at TJ Maxx spending my latest paycheck on glorious things, and i found a pair of swim trunks ("swim trunks" OK, "bathingsuit" still NOT OK) that i knew he would love. so i bought them. he tried them on when he got home from work and declared he loved them even more than the Easter Swimsuit. then asked me the size. i said "36....." and he got all huffy.




  1. hahhahahhaha- laughing so hard.


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  2. hahahahahahaha this one made me pee!!! jeremiah!


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