Saturday, July 4, 2009

the 4th is a fail in 2009

the 4th of july is annoying. either it's great or stupid. i wish i was 5 again, so we could sit on Uncle Bud and Aunt Nancy's lawn watching fireworks shot up from their driveway. too bad fireworks are illegal in Washington now. just yesterday i tried to buy sparklers for my wedding. NO FIREWORKS IN SPOKANE sign hanging on the door of party palace. >SIGH<
in high school an old friend and i bought felt flag headbands and had a campout.
in 2007, the 4th was spent shaking our heads at the embarrassing party that wasn't. i guess the facebook party invite with a picture of Father Spitzer (Gonzaga's president) holding a sparkler wasn't that funny after all.

in 2008, i was on the plane, headed back to the good ol USA from Europe. i wanted to wrap a flag around myself like a cape because i missed America so much.

this year all of my friends are having a blast, and everyone is getting the debut meet n greet with KKiss' and Sam's new boyfriends. while i am stuck behind a desk at work. my mom and sister M are here, but i can't hang out with them because i am stuck here. the only good thing is that i get paid time and a half for working holidays.

i even bought Cleo a little red white and blue top hat for the occasion, but we can't even sit outside watching fireworks because THEY ARE ILLEGAL HERE.

here is a picture of me today, just to garner some pity.


  1. POOR PITIFUL PEARL! But that long hair is starting to look really "Dolly Parton". The wedding cannot come too soon for that hair! Mine, by the way, has stopped falling out and I have lots and lots of new baby hair. And Papa and I are now using Latisse!

  2. correction: fireworks are illegal in Eastern Washington.

  3. We had pigs, sparklers, purple somethings, bottle rockets, you name it. There were some restrictions in the city limits. what gives. were we law breakers? sorry to hear about your dud of a day.the hair does look good.

  4. christ laura. always separating yourself as far from "eastern washington" as possible.


  5. pretty sure the Teeples firework show out did city of selah. no contest.

  6. Lacie I just wanted to say that your blog freaking cracks me up and always makes my day better!

  7. and isn't mimi so nice? "your hair looks like dolly parton" what an asshole!

  8. I basically got stood up on a date. Top that.


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