Sunday, July 12, 2009


A- age: 22

B- bed size: double (and not upgrading. love the little cloud bed)

C- chore you hate: cleaning JJ's shitstains from the toilet. i mean, totally gross.

D- don't eat: meat.

E- essential start your day item: toothbrush.

F- favorite board game: Candyland.

G- gold or silver?: both. (silver for everyday, and gold costume jewelry/bangles!)

H- height: 5'6"

I- instruments you played: guitar stint once for like 5 days. learned how to play jingle bells and quit.

J- job title: receptionist/babysitter.

K- kid(s): zero.

L- living arrangements: long-ish cottage. with JJ. and Chanel. and Cleopatra.

M- mom's name: Kiki

N- nicknames: Lace, LG, Larry, Legs, Labie, Haroldine

O- overnight hospital stay other than birth: none.

P- pet peeve: lotion crust/ball scratching.

Q- famous movie quote: "hello! is Jane there? have a lovely day!

R- right or left handed?: right

S- sibling(s): 3 little sisters. M, CA, MM.

T- time you wake up: 6:30

U- underwear: none.

V- vegetable favorite: asparagus, artichoke

W- ways you run late: the hours i spend waiting for a terd (turd? sp?) to drop from Cleo's butt.

X- xrays you've had: teeth. and just recently, my bum flip-the-bird finger on my right hand.

Y- yummy food you make: i lose.

Z- zoo favorite: big cats.

comment with YOUR ABCs


  1. First, What the heck is haroldine from. Also what movie is Q from. and I also hate ball scratching. K here's mine:

    A- age: 15
    B- Bed size: Twin, i love it actually :)
    C- Chore you hate: Scooping poop, especially when it's hot and slightly windy and a big wiff of the piled poop goes up my nose.
    D- don't eat: Beans
    E- Essential start your day item: Hair brush
    F- Favorite board game: Disney trivia. I win every time.
    G- Gold or silver?: Both, thought i like silver better, I still where gold.
    H- Height: 5'5" and a quarter
    I- Instruments you played: Flute for 3 years, hated every second
    J- Job title: I'm still in high school
    K- Kids: Zero, though I know 2 girls in my grade who had babies this year.
    L- Living arrangements: Still at home with mom, dad, char for a little while longer, my fish apollo, my dog lola, and cats libby, ginger, and ashley. oh and the bird patrick.
    M- Mom's name: Kiki
    N- Nicknames: Michael, Monkey, M Dogg, Neil, Mare, MJ, skinny, Johnny, and a bunch more
    O- Overnight hospital stay other than birth: 3rd grade, appendectomy
    P- Pet peeve: People who can't take a joke, when couples call each other babe
    Q- Famous movie quote: "Is that just your default setting? Oh look a box of kittens, time to punch Max in the face. Oh look a basket of bread, time to punch Max in the face." -Get Smart
    R- Right or left handed?: Right
    S- Sibling(s): 3 older sisters: L, M, and CA
    T- Time you wake up: around 8:30
    U- Underwear: Boy shorts mostly
    V- Vegetable favorite: Carrot or broccoli
    W- Ways you run late: Mom
    X- X-rays you've had: Back, wrist, ankle.
    Y- Yummy food you make: I bake a lot, my personal favorite is Mary's Marvelous Mess
    Z- Zoo favorite: Foxes if there are any

  2. L- wtf happened to my other bird???



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