Sunday, July 12, 2009

ah, the joys of parenting.

on Thursday i was babysitting and baby P had an explosion in her diaper. i was wearing a white shirt, and got really lucky the poo missed it. it managed to get everywhere else though. her mom said, "yes, it's quite an event when she poops." later both M (5 yrs old) and S (4 yrs old) pooped. (after they're done they scream, "I'M DOOOOONNNNEEEE!!!" and so whoever is closest, me or their mom, wipes their butt) and this time i was closest. while i was wiping, she said "thank you for dealing with all the poop!" and i said to her, "ah, the joys of parenting." we laughed.

later that day my mom called and told me that my sister MM was being a teenage B-R-A-T (sorry MM, sometimes it's true) and i said to her, "ah, the joys of parenting."

i think the next time Cleo does something naughty and JJ is yelling at her i shall say to him, "ah the joys of parenting."

what are YOUR memories of the joys of parenting?


  1. Hey I guess it runs in the family! :P

  2. uh...... waking up to the cats diarrhea smell.


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