Monday, July 13, 2009

flask fiasco

JJ's groomsmen get aweeeesome presents, no thanks to him. it was all me. they are engraved flasks donned in black leather. what a treat! me and my sister M and my mom were doing wedding things a couple weekends ago, and i got bored. so i went online to order the gifts. i said, "i think i will engrave their names in all caps, you know, it's manly." and my mom says, "what? you're doing their names?" i was like, "yeah, duh mom, what else would i have engraved on them?" she ponders and then (i'm totally serious) says, "what about 'Thanks Buddy!' ?!?!" i look at M and M looks at me and we BUST UP laughing. i said, "mom....think about it: who the hell wants to walk around with a flask that has 'Thanks Buddy!' written on it?!?!?! hahahahaha and who the hell calls their friends 'buddies'?!" she got all offended and was like, "i think it would be nice." me and M just laughed all day and made fun of her every chance we could get. "heya buddy, can you pass me the glue?" "heya buddy can you get me a glass of water?"

what a doofus.

just on saturday i had JJ run to the liquor store and buy a jug of alcohol to fill the flasks with. he comes home with rum. captain mo. and i opened the bottle and got the first whiff and gagged. smelled like college. then i realized i didn't have a funnel. crappppp. so i dug around in my drawer of unused kitchen utensils, and found....aha! a giant syringe! so i filled the syringe about 983 times to fill the flasks.

then i came upon the flask of one of JJ's brothers-in-law. "oh shit," i said to him. "Scott doesn't drink. oh noooo!!! is that disrespectful to give him a flask?!" JJ said, "uhh....."

we filled his flask with crystal light strawberry bananna mango juice, and called it good.


  1. Yay now I can comment on your blog and not seem totally creepy! And yes, PR is a PILE OF CRAP. Literally. Professor Dorsey forgot to mention that in college. ;)

  2. hahahahahaha i HATEEEE PR. i'm totally glad you're a follower. i'm all over yours as well.


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