Sunday, July 12, 2009

a letterman's jacket

i never was good at sports. but hot damn, by the looks of my letterman's jacket, i was a real athlete! (swim team, golf, dance team, and numerous stars for lettering in the same "sports" the following years) the whole "S" was covered in patches.

but amazingly enough, i was one of the first people in high school to get a letterman's jacket. me and LJ (and a couple of cross country people). from swim team, where we spent the majority of the time thinking of ways to avoid doing any actual swimming.

even the star of the varsity basketball team (who was also a freshman) didn't have one...yet. (swim team is in the fall, basketball in the winter...ha ha ha) i later dated this star bball player, and i was always able to say "i had a letterman's jacket before you...i really really did."

when i went to order my new LJ (what my dad calls letterman's jackets), the woman took my measurements and said, "well you say you're a swimmer right?" my mom starts to break in, "well.......yes, but---" and the woman says, "we had better leave room for those swimmer's shoulders to grow." i'm staring up at her, a 92 pound 14-year-old with not so much as an inch of fat on me. (this same woman also said the same thing to tiny LJ too) my mom was like, "ummm....she's realllllly small, and she probably is not going to grow too much within the next 4 years" (and grow i did not. i gained maybe 5 pounds in the years leading up to graduation from high school)

nevertheless, we left a little bit of "growing room for my swimmer's shoulders" and the damn jacket still doesn't fit me today. it would probably fit venus williams--and LJ's LJ could easily fit serena.

my sister M had a real athlete's LJ...and sister CA never had one because honestly, who wants an LJ for being in band?? well last week my mom took sister MM to get sized for her LJ. she too is a freshman. and the woman sizing her said, "so you're a softball player, huh? well, we better leave room for those---" my mom cuts her off and says, "no extra room, thank you."

*Sidenote: in the fall of 2006 (this is real) my dad wore his 1980 LJ to an SHS football game. he couldn't even button it. but felt realllllly cool.

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  1. It was actually a guy who sized me :) just thought you should know! :)


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