Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the most perf day ever in life

our wedding! just a few of the great moments.
it was everything i ever dreamed/wanted/imagined. JJ is usually so shy when at the eye of the storm (aka the center of attention) but he was a dear sweetheart, talking and laughing and dancing...like he was me or something.
hilarious and typical JJ moments:
1. at the ceremony i look over at JJ in his chair and he is slouched down like tired ape. i have to lean over to him and tell him to sit up straight.
2. JJ is fed up after photo 67,253. the photographer says, "now can you take off your shoes and splash your feet in the water?" JJ snaps and screams "OHMYGOD NO THAT IS SO STUPID." i give him the look and mutter "yesyouwillandyou'lllikeit."
3. when his brother and my sister and our dads were giving speeches, JJ is captured in a picture hunched over his food like Quasimodo.
4. at reception. we are running and photographer is behind us trying to get a good shot. JJ steps on my dress and i eat shit.
5. JJ gets 3 plates of food at the reception and later that night laying in bed he says, "i didn't get to eat as much as i wanted."
6. while gearing up to run through the sparkler tunnel, JJ says "i don't want to catch on fire."
hilarious and typical L moments:
1. while leaving the hotel to meet JJ and the photographer at the church, i trip down the 1 stair in my room and fall, breaking a strap on my dress. Crazylegs has to stand in the lobby with a flimsy needle and sew it back together.
2. while attempting to do a lift a la Dirty Dancing, JJ crumples under my weight and scratches my back. throughout the day, all of my guests asked me "what is that rash on your back?"
3. apparently i screamed my vows because everyone laughed. and also, me and the girls' room was 2 floors directly above my aunt's. i saw her on the balcony and said, "HIII!!!!" that night, my cousin said he heard my voice from across the lake.
3. during the Shania Twain song at the end of the reception my other strap breaks. OMG. so annoying.
4. back in our honeymoon suite after i take off my dress and am wearing just my hideous power panties, i bend over to grab something from my suitcase and JJ goes, "ohmygod. your butt. smells." EXCUUUUUUUUSE ME! i was wearing a thick hot dress all day! of course my butt isn't so fresh and so clean. rude.
it was the most magical day of my life. every person i ever loved was there. i love my husband!
thank you for celebrating with us!


  1. bellwether, benchmark, perfect, joyous, beatiful merry. absolutely incredible. beyond, beyond. thanks. eric. p.s. way to go crazy legs!

  2. You forgot about screaming the eff word in front of Bishop Joe!

    Best Wedding Ever in life. Congrats Mrs. Hansen!!!

  3. Lacie-Gracie-Hansen (your new name)

    What a wonderful wedding, a magical day and it was a joy to see you and Jeremy so very happy. My favorite photo is the one that shows your Vans! Since the bed isn't there yet, where are you sleeping, you stinky-butt?

  4. Where's the picture of your favorite sister?!?! I'm hurt :( . Ha ha, just kidding. I mean about the being hurt, not about being the favorite sister. I mean come on! that one's a little obvious. Awesome ceremony (I lost it) and reception, I danced with Brad and he said I was amazing and he spilled a little beer on me. Ahhhhh, I'm in love :) (Totally Kidding)

  5. Great post, Lacie! So glad you put up pictures! WooO! What a dress!


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