Sunday, July 12, 2009

passport pity party

"JJ, where is your passport? i have mine but not yours"

"it's in my backpack, you know, the one i always travel with."


"no it's not here."

"well then you must have put it somewhere because it's ALWAYS in that backpack."

"are you really blaming me for your lost passport?"


his passport is gone. and laws have changed about traveling to Puerto Rico for our honeymoon. we are going on a southern caribbean cruise. and JJ needs a passport to get to Puerto Rico.

so we TORE APART the house.

things we found that were NOT JJ's passport:

1. a giant pack of AA batteries
2. a note JJ wrote me from a Venice hotel last summer ("a clue!" said JJ, "i had my passport when i wrote that note!") what a sherlock holmes he is.
3. a xeroxed copy of JJ's passport
4. my Halloween costume from 2007
5. a videotape of porn. (from JJ's bachelor party. eeewwww. and who even watches videotapes anymore?)
6. the keychain with my room number on it from my dorm sohphomore year.
7. my favorite miniature red flashlight.
8. the book JJ was reading when he was last in Europe (anothe one of JJ's "clues")
9. about 13 of JJ's socks.
10. a European outlet converter ("clue")

so we gave up. the "clues" led us nowhere. so we made an appointment in Seattle to expedite a new passpord two days before we leave for our honeymoon. apparently you can do that now, but it is an extremely extensive process that will require us to do exact movements (think Seinfeld, "The Soup Nazi" episode) as well as sit and wait for hours on end until we can breathe a sigh of relief once he has a new one.

do you know what i got him as a gift for our wedding day? a leather passport cover. he he

(it's ok, don't worry...JJ doesn't read my blog. "i live your blog," he says)

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