Sunday, July 12, 2009

selah high 2004

i'm on a quiz binge, bear with me:

1. Did you date someone from your school? sam. then SG (we named him Sex God)--i mean brian. then erik.

2. Did you marry someone from your high school? no.

3. Who did you have a crush on? Sam Mattern. then Jeff Liddecoat. then Tyler Biles. then Dustin Brader. then SG-- i mean Brian Collins. then probably like 12 more people. then Erik.

4. do you know who had a crush on you? i never knew.

5. did you car pool to school? hell no! i was totally cool and drove a grandma car instead. no seriously, my grandma had the same car as me.

6. what kind of car did you have? Ford Taurus. then my delightful parents got me a rad purple jeep.

7. what kind of car do you have now? volvo

8. it's Friday night in high school, where are you? at a football/basketball game. or having a gay sleepover with the 3Ls. we were good kids.

9. it's Friday night now, where are you? having a gay sleepover with JJ and the animals.

10. what kind of job did you have in high school? coca-cola taste rep (i once spilled a table of root beer floats i had just made. took me 2 hours to clean up), Carlon Park concession gal (popcorn dipped in nacho cheese), GymKids (miss the little shits!).

11. what kind of job do you have now? receptionist. babysit.

12. were you were a party animal? not even kind of.

13. were you considered a flirt? i didn't even have boobs to catch the boys attention.

14. were you in band, orchestra, or choir? social suicide!/lack of talent.

15. were you a nerd? no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16. did you get suspended or expelled? just got sent home for short skirts. and got caught that one time me and Whitney left campus to go to Taco Bell.

17. can you sing the fight song? when the team is on the floor, we'll cheer them on to fame. Selah Viks is what it takes for us to win this game! rah! rah! rah! come on Vikings chalk up the score, hear the crowd all yelling for more, hail hail the blue and gold, the colors of victory!!! come on Selah, let's go! come on Selah, let's fight! let's go, let's fight, let's win this game tonight.

18. who was your favorite teacher? Mr. Ruark. who coincidentally saw me last summer at my parent's house in my NSA softball 1999 see-through tee-shirt. he bought my parent's hot tub. and he came over to pick it up. and it was soooo awkward. so maybe he isn't my favorite anymore. i like to keep the memory of him in the past.

19. where did you sit during lunch? the 3Ls had their own table.

20. what was your school's full name? selah high school.

21. when did you graduate? 2004.

22. what was your school mascot? vikings!

23. if you could go back and do it again, would you? no, it was perfect and awkward and so wonderful and innocent.

24. did you get picked on? no besides the one time Ryan Wright caught a glimpse of the ape hair that freakishly grows out of my temple. i was so embarrassed and he talked about it and told everyone all day.

25. did you have fun at prom? i OWNED prom. simple elegance is what i named it. and i had a blast with my bffs.

26. do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? no, not anymore.

27. did you have a locker partner? no. but LJ was a rotting pile of garbage.

27. are you planning on going to your reunion? dear asshole friends of mine, i hate you. to those who do not know the story: my asshole friends decided to vote me class historian on the day i was gone. therefore it is my duty to keep track of everyone in our 2004 class and plan the 10 year reunion. too bad they voted me, because now they have to help me.

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