Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wed on sat!

things not going my way:

1. broken finger + brownish/purplish fingernail.
2. JJ's lost passport.
3. sliced left index finger pad obtained via scissors while searching for said passport.
4. ingrown toenail on left big toe.
5. entire right arm sore from playing air hockey with Rah.
6. half-dollar sized bruise on right thigh from playing air hockey with Rah.
7. don't have the perfect outfit for Sunday brunch.
8. can't bring Cleo to the wedding.
9. JJ thought it was a good idea to get us taco del mar for dinner last night.
10. my extensions look like white trash. i have to pay another $450 to get them done again.
11. JJ's grooms gift has not yet come in the mail
12. my wedding guestbook has not yet come in the mail
13. the tim's cascade miniature bags of chips for the out of town gift boxes have not yet come in the mail.

things going my way:

1. weather on saturday is going to be great.
2. my dress is effing amazing.
3. i love JJ
4. my mom is coming today
5. sister CA arrives back to america from cambodia today. therefore she is not ridden with disease and stuck in incubation. therefore, she will make it to my wedding.
6. my friends get here thursdayyyy
7. i'm treating myself to a fancy deli lunch solo and in silent reflection this afternoon.
8. i get to be the center of attention and no one can call me a drama queen because it's my day!



  1. Can't wait to see pics of your dress--I'm sure its FAB

  2. Lacie-Gracie,

    The days coming up to your wedding seem to be collapsing on one another, going very, very fast. If for me, what for you? All of the Westsiders are really pumped for your wedding, me too, even though LESLIE at Pottery Barn wanted me to spend more to make the gift of the pricey bed "more special"! It is up to you and Jeremy to make the bed "more special". Just don't tell me about it!

  3. Ew mimi you're gross! oh and Lacie, I have an ingrown toenail on my left big toe too!!!!! oh those pedicurists will have a wonderful time working on/looking/smelling my lovely feet :)


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