Sunday, August 9, 2009

grumpy groomer

after a week at my parents' house in the country, my dog came home a little shaggy and dirty and in need of a bath. so naturally i took her to the groomer so i didn't have to do it.

i took her to the place where Chanel got her $70 haircut. fan-say! i just asked for a simple trim around the face and a bath for the little pup. "no problem!" she said in a cheery voice with a smile, "come back in an hour."

i came back an hour later, and the owner was none too happy to see me. no more smile. no more cheery voice. just quick sentences. "your dog was extremely matted," she said. "oh, yeah, sorry, that's why i brought her here," i said. "well, you need to take better care of her hair. it hurt her when i was brushing them out," she said coldheartedly. she like thought i was trying to hurt my dog on purpose. (who does she think she is anyway? a government employee? tee hee) i thought to myself OMG IS SHE CHASTISING ME? she said to me, "you need to buy a wire brush and comb her everyday." i was like, "WHOA, high maintenance dog, eh? heh heh." she didn't even crack a fake smile. she just said, "you like her hair longer, so you need to keep up with it."

i looked at Cleo. Cleo looked at me. we silently agreed this woman was not for us. and we left without leaving a tip.

1 comment:

  1. i love the very last part where you and cleo has a "who is this uptight woman" moment. classic.


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