Tuesday, August 4, 2009

passport idiocracy.

it's my 100th post! i want streamers and sprinkles to cascade around me. hfsdajk but they're not.

i need to back track now. to the thursday before the honeymoon.

JJ and i went to seattle. we stopped in ellensburg to give my mom Cleo and Chanel for the week. and i had to poop in the walgreens. totally gross i don't recommend their facilities.

then it was off to the passport agency. i wore a sundress, and he was in shorts and a t-shirt. i thought it was supposed to be like record breaking heat in seattle. we were there the one cold day. so i was packing tictacs up top (if ya know what i mean) all morning. we walked into the passport place and followed the instructions written on the wall. JJ didn't know his own mother's birthday so he had a minor panic attack while i solved the problem. then we sat. with our number. just bored to tears. and of COURSE (because this is always true) there is a child running around screaming and throwing things while his obese mother sits and types things into her phone, totally oblivious. i momentarily thought about tripping him on his next lap around the room, but then i decided a classic game of hangman would be just the trick to pass the time!

i stumped JJ on: douchebaggery and seahorse poop. he got me on: white folks and Lacie is gay.

it was finally our turn. so we walk up to the window, bright eyed and eager (you know they play the game at the passport agency where they decide if they like you or not, and give you a passport depending on that first impression) and alas! we had a native californian man helping us who had also just recently gotten married. he totally loved us and JJ chatted with him about LA sports and such, and he granted us a passport.................that we had to pick up IN 24 HOURS. kill me plz.

JJ had to work friday. and i didn't. so i called LJ and Sam and KitKat. LJ agreed to let me stay at her apt for the night. the only problem was i had to find something to do for 5 hours until she got off work. i hate cities. i panic and sweat and can't handle them. so i made JJ stay with me until LJ could meet me. then it starts raining. JJ and i look down at our stupid outfits. we ran to nordstrom rack. i bought: the first pair of jeans on the clearance rack that fit me. they were black. a tank top and a white sweater. i was going to buy a bra but then didn't want to waste another $15. bras are stupid anyways. JJ bought a flannel shirt. haaaaahaaa

LJ met me and JJ went nicely home. and i had to call my mom to book me a flight the next afternoon back to spokane.

all because he lost his passport.


  1. Douchebaggery and Seahorse Poop?!?!?!?! hahahahahahaklfjdskljkcsdalj

  2. i rescind that hangman! i found the piece of paper in my purse today and it was actually jellyfish farts, not seahorse poop


  3. There isn't a Wallgreens in Ellensburg.

  4. i meant rite aid. whatevsssssss


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