Monday, August 17, 2009


friday: i got a 102 fever and body aches. (my first time being sick since that one time freshman year in college when i had an allergic reaction to penicillin). so i slept. and then woke up to go to a wedding. and had to leave shortly after because i was too sick. went home and slept. woke up on saturday to go to work. was there for 2 hours and come home and slept.
that is me not amused to be working whilst on my deathbed of sick.

after my nap on saturday, i woke up and finished writing my portion of the thank you notes (ahem. JJ...) then i took a tylenol cold and flu PM and was just settling into the cloud bed and ready to let the tylenol work it's magic with Cleo (JJ was out golfing with his coworkers....with the clubs i managed to miss with mah car) when i realized i had to tinkle. so i sludged out of bed and sat on the toilet. and people, my dear, dear, dear PEOPLE, i fell ASLEEP ON THE TOILET. there aren't many further lows in life than falling asleep on the toilet. it was only for a minute or so, but still.

after my stint on the porcelain throne, i fell into bed and crashed. until about 11 pm. when i got a phone call. and when you take any PM medicine, you are like the grumpy giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, groggy and moaning and thrashing, heaving your lifeless arms around you until you find what it is that's trying to wake you up.

well WHADDYA KNOW? it was my phone. JJ crying. "honey i just threw up 10 times....into the garbage can while i was on the toilet." so JJ comes home whining like a baby (i have been assured that it isn't only JJ who is a baby when sick--'tis all men) and crawls into bed. at this point the tylenol drugs combined with JJ's whimpering have set me over the edge. i grumble and glare at JJ to leave me be, as i have work in the morning.

Sunday i make it through work, go home and sleep, and watch movies with JJ in bed all afternoon. it was wonderful. we went to bed at 9 PM.

9:30 dad calls and wakes me up

9:46 mom calls and wakes me up

10:00 Cleo yaps in her sleep and wakes me up

this morning, i wake up, cautiously slither out of bed, and slowly stand up. no throbbing pains anywhere. great! i get dressed at an incredibly sloth-like rate, as to not disrupt my good feeling.

i am feeling so great that i test my dress code limits by putting on black jeans. i smile to myself and said, "self, you are really something. you naughty little shiste." then i poured myself a nice tall glass of water and emptied an Emergen-C packet into it (just in case!), i kissed JJ goodbye and out the door i went.

i chatted with my Mom about CA and her boyfriend on the way to work, cheery and jolly. i park my car in an amazing Princess Parking Spot (term used by KKiss, meaning "extremely great parking spot") and grab my class of Emergen-C to head into work. DOHFSDHSFDHSKJFLKSFDAIOUDSGHLKJDF the entire glass spills on my lap. fudge fudge fudge. luckily i am wearing black jeans, eh? it didn't even look like i peed my pants.

i was muttering to myself as i was walking/waddling up the stairs and one of the custodians caught me and asked me if i peed my pants.


  1. Thanks for the art work. It's worth a thousand words. Puple/fuschia w/ black jeans? Hmmm. I guess you'd know better than I. When did black jeans comes back into vogue anyway? Never could pull them off. Take care.

  2. I'm never mentioned in these blogs. I mean, I'm not asking for a whole blog about how much u love me (not that it would hurt) but a few little words wouldn't hurt! It's always Char, mom, and dad being mentioned :( alas, I shall still keep reading these bloody things, they're too addicting. love you L, tell Jayrome I say bonjure


  4. it is all men who are babies when they are sick, I got really sick on Friday so my hubbie took care of me all day and all day sat, he woke up sunday with a little sore throat and expected me to wait on him hand a foot! and I said dude I still feel like crap so you aren't going to get good service! so yes lacie it is all men


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